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Bone spike protrusion

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Bone spike protrusion
Spike Protrusion Picture.JPG
After becoming enraged, spikes protrude from Perrin.
Held by: Perrin Crocker
Ability to: Produce a mass of bone spikes that protrude outward

Bone spike protrusion is the ability to produce a mass of bone spikes that protrude outward from the user's body.



Perrin was capable of creating bone spikes that appeared to protrude from his body. While enraged, he was seen unintentionally using his ability to pierce through multiple victims within close proximity to him. Perrin suggested that he used his ability when unconscious to unwillingly stab and kill his wife. (Under the Bridge, Part 1). Since he stated that no murder weapon was found regarding his wife, his unconscious spike retracted. Whether he could consciously retract them is unknown.

The spikes were strong enough to penetrate bodies, and have also penetrated the top of a prison transport bus.


Memorable Quotes

"I suddenly realize what killed my wife. And because of it, I deserve to die."

- Perrin Crocker (Under the Bridge, Part 1)

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