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Bronx River

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Bronx River
Bridge over bronx.jpg
Sabine and Julien drive over a bridge that crosses the Bronx River.
Location: Hartsdale, NY
Purpose: Home for fish and other river creatures

The Bronx River is a 24 mile (38 km) long river in southeastern New York.

Notable Visitors


Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 3

Donna and Thompson, Jr. chase Sabine and Julien across I-287 W, crossing over the Bronx River. Donna fires at the tire of the SUV Sabine is driving, and Sabine and Julien are sent flying off the interstate. Their vehicle crashes upside down and the impact stuns Julien. An unknown man then pulls them from the wreckage and places them in the SUV he is driving. Another clone of Julien greets them inside the vehicle as they drive away.

Graphic Novel:Hindsight

By the bridge across the Bronx River, Thompson and Donna examine the car Sabine and Julien used to escape, but they don't find anything helpful.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 1

Sabine and Julien leave the bridge and their SUV with a Dumont clone and a driver.


  • Its Native American name was the Aquahung before the arrival of European colonists. In 1639, the river was named Bronck's River for Dutch immigrant Jonas Bronck, who settled there. After his death in 1643, the river's name was shortened to just Bronx River.
  • The Bronx River Parkway parallels much of the Bronx River along its length in Westchester County and the northern Bronx.


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