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Sabine Hazel

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Sabine Hazel
JB Sabine Hazel2.jpg
First appearance Root and Branch, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nicknames Sab,
"The Package"
Occupation Former agent of the Company
Significant other formerly Julien Dumont (deceased)
Child Julien Dumont's child

Sabine Hazel is a former human agent of the Company.


Sabine, having a background in biology, was originally recruited by the Company as one of their researchers. Eventually, after undergoing training, Sabine was assigned to field duty, and partnered with Julien Dumont, until she learned that this Julien was actually a clone impostor. She successfully worked to take down Evs Dropper, and remains of special interest to the Company as she has given birth to the clone's child.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 1

Sabine goes solo in a coordinated bag and tag mission with two other teams. She waits outside her target's shack until "Julien" gives a go, then begins to proceed inside. However, the target quickly spots her and shoots at her as she tries and fails to stun him. As she chases the target into the jungle, and she radios back that she is still in pursuit. Sabine tracks the target to the edge of a cliff. When Sabine arrives at the edge, the target appears to be gone and she radios back that the target escaped.

Later, she meets Julien outside the holding cell for the rogue duplicates and apologizes for allowing her target to escape. When Julien tells her he can "sense" the missing target, Sabine thinks that is strange because she knows the target had fallen off the cliff to his death.

Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 2

Sabine suspects her partner is lying to her, and questions him about his ability. Having received tip offs from evsdropr, she is not convinced by her partner's protests that he is the "real" Julien and shoots him in the leg. Notwithstanding the fact that she and "Julien" had shared a relationship since being paired up by the Company and despite conflicting emotions, she kills her partner, after he confesses to being one of Julien's clones. She returns to the Primatech Research facility, to find she did not kill the root, and he was being held by the Company in a large room tied to several of his clones.

Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 3

Outside Noah Bennet's cell in a Primatech Research facility, Sabine asks Noah to tell her about the Dumont System, so she can help the root Julien escape from his cell, where he is being held and forced to create clones of himself. Sabine frees the root Julien and several Company agents begin chasing them. Sabine shoots one of them as Evsdropr sends Sabine text messages helping her escape. They head down stairs, and into the parking garage. She then gets Julien to create a decoy clone to draw the other agents' gunfire while they escape the building.

Sabine and Julien get away in an SUV, but Donna and Thompson, Jr. spot them and give chase by car. Donna shoots one of the tires of the SUV, sending it flying off the edge of a bridge that crosses the Bronx River. An injured Sabine then crawls out from the wreckage to see the now unconscious root Julien being carried to another SUV by a mysterious man. She pleads with him to take her as well, and he does. Inside, Sabine spots another man in the passenger seat, asks if he is Evsdropr, and learns he is another Julien clone.

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1

Sabine and the Julien are in a Paris hotel on a mission to capture a "speedster." Later, she and Julien encounter a man in an alley who they believe to be their target. Sabine pulls a gun on the man, who phases through the street to the sewers below. After Julien and other clones of Julien Dumont successfully capture the man there, Sabine stands by.

Graphic Novel:Hindsight

As Gael accosts Donna for letting Sabine escape with Julien, Donna remembers seeing Sabine in her sights before shooting her car.

Graphic Novel:Foresight

Donna and Thompson, Jr. see the Sabine's shadowy figure in a cabin.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 1

Driving away from the wreckage by the Bronx River toward a cabin, asks if a Dumont clone is Evs Dropper. At the cabin, she demands to speak to Evs, but finds a hundred clones instead. Sabine vows to save Julien, but instead sees Connie Logan and learns that she has been acting as Evs. The two women fight; as Sabine is about to take Julien away, his clone shoots her gun out of her hand and stops her.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 2

Sabine listens to Connie's story behind why she wants to destroy the Company and then apologizes for misjudging her. As the clones are securing Julien onto a van, Sabine tells Connie that the Company mustn't get their hands on him again.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 3

Sabine hides herself and Root Julien in the nearby bushes. Connie, dying from a bullet wound, tells Sabine to escape with Julien. They are picked up by Gael and Bianca. As they drive away from the carnage, Sabine tells Gael and Bianca they can't harvest Julien forever, but Gael tells her they have a new plan now. Sabine is shocked when Bianca kills Julien (and, in turn, the army of Julien clones standing outside the car). She says that she thought Julien was "the package", but Gael corrects her, saying Sabine is actually the package. Confused, Sabine explains that she doesn't have powers. Bianca, however, points at Sabine's stomach and says, "He will." Bianca wishes Sabine congratulations as they drive away.

Graphic Novel:The Caged Bird, Part 2

Samir asks Daphne how many people are following her. She replies, "Zero." Samir corrects her and tells her that "a man and woman, both American" are following her, referring to Julien Dumont and Sabine.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 5

Holding him at gunpoint, Eric Thompson tells Micah Sanders that he needs to know where Sabine is. Micah calls him a killer and a liar, and says that killing Sabine and Julien's newborn baby won't bring back the dead.

Heroes Evolutions

Evsdropr announced the finding of a coded message from Sabine Hazel regarding Julien on Sabine's computer. It was set to be sent after she had returned from a mission, and uncoded it read: "If anything happens to me, check Julien."

Faction Zero

In chapter 1 of Faction Zero, Mensen asks Claire if she knows where Sabine Hazel is. Claire says she doesn't know, but knows how to find out.

In chapter 3 of Faction Zero, Wildman attacks Claire, demanding to know where Sabine is.

In chapter 4 of Faction Zero, Micah tells Claire and Rachel that Eric Thompson, Jr. is the one searching for Sabine. He also tells them that her baby's power will be cloning, but with a twist: all the clones would have different powers.

In chapter 5 of Faction Zero, Alex, Claire, Rachel, and Callum go to a house where Sabine and her baby might be. They teleport into the attic, finding it booby-trapped, with a sign saying the house will explode if they leave. After a brief argument, they teleport back out, and nothing happens. Trevor Tanaka then arrives and knocks out Callum, explaining he is a illusionist, and they realize what they saw in the house must not have been real, and run over to find footprints leaving out of the back door.

Rachel later tracks down Sabine to a carnival, and spots her and her baby surrounded by people, safe and sound.

In chapter 6 of Faction Zero, Chris and Gail ignore the commotion over Sabine's arrival and talk about Rachel.


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