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Brown-haired jock

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Brown-haired jock
Brown-haired jock.jpg
First appearance Betty, Part 2
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Occupation Student

A brown-haired jock helps propagate rumors against Ren Metzger.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 2

In the locker room, the football team speculates about the tragic events that caused Crash to become braindead so quickly. When the rumors evolve to point to Ren Metzger, somebody asks how Ren was able to accomplish such a feat. The jock with the brown hair ignores the question saying it doesn't matter. The jock always believed Ren was "some kinda' Satan worshipper or something." Another football player is riled up and suggests they take revenge against Ren.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 3

Crash's friends surround Ren Metzger in the woods and beat him up.

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