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Crash's friends

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Crash's friends
Crash's friends.jpg
Purpose: Being Crash's buddies
First appearance Betty, Part 2
Known members: Black-haired jock, Brown-haired jock
Affiliated sites: Betty's high school

Crash's friends, at least some of whom are from his high school football team, group together and enact a plot to hurt Ren Metzger after hearing a rumor that he caused Crash's insanity.


Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 2

A rumor that Ren Metzger caused Crash's insanity reaches the boy's locker room discussion. One team member asks how Ren was able to accomplish such a feat, but the brown-haired jock ignores the question saying it doesn't matter. The jock always believed Ren was "some kinda' Satan worshipper or something." Now riled up, a black-haired jock decides to plot revenge.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 3

Four of Crash's friends from the football team, including the black-haired and brown-haired jocks confront Ren Metzger in the woods. They jump on him and begin to beat him. Ren manages to free himself and escape from his attackers by running away from them. They pursue and begin to chase after Ren. However, he is able to get far ahead rather quickly. Then, Ren ducks behind some bushes and they unknowingly run by him.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 4

The black-haired jock talks with four cheerleaders from his high school and admits to them that he was involved in what happened. He notes that it was just payback for Crash. He said they were not responsible for Ren Metzger falling down the hill on his own, or for him "buying it" in the hospital when the doctors couldn't help him.


  • Many of Crash's friends are on the high school football team. However, it is unknown how many of Crash's friends play football, or if all of the football players are Crash's friends.

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