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Ren Metzger

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Ren Metzger
First appearance Betty, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation Student

Ren Metzger was Betty's best friend.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 1

Ren and his friend Betty are sitting in their school cafeteria when he is tripped by a jock and called a burnout. Betty helps him up and is angry at the jock. Ren blocks the thought by comparing the lives of bullies to the characters on The Breakfast Club. Ren believes that they're afraid of their parents, and that thought makes him smile.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 2

In the school cafeteria, Betty asks Ren about Crash. Ren confirms the rumors, saying he heard the school counselor talk about it. Later, as he is at his locker, rumors spread that he did Crash in.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 3

Ren is confronted in the woods by Crash's friends from the football team, including the black-haired and brown-haired jocks. They jump on him and begin to beat him. Ren manages to free himself and escape from his attackers by running away from them. However, he ends up falling down a steep hill and is later admitted to a hospital. Betty visits him there and explains that she feels it is her fault. After Betty uses her ability to temporarily look like Ren, Ren appears frightened and two nurses rush in. Despite the nurses' best efforts, Ren crashes and falls into a state of shock.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 4

A black-haired jock talks with four of cheerleaders about Ren's death. The black-haired jock admits to them that he was involved in what happened and notes that it was just payback for Crash. He said they were not responsible for Ren falling down the hill on his own, or for him "buying it" in the hospital when the doctors couldn't help him.

Ren's passing is later mentioned by the high school administrator that convenes the Homecoming pep rally. He says that the thoughts and prayers of the school are with the families of Arthur Campbell and Ren Metzger.

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