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Claude Rains/Memorable quotes

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The following memorable quotes were said by Claude Rains. For other memorable quotes, see here.

Season One

""You can see me. Nobody sees me, do you hear me? Nobody sees me. I'm invisible!"

- Claude (to Peter) (Godsend)

"Who are you? How can you see me?"

"I don't know. I just do what you can do."

"Fantastic. One of those."

- Claude, Peter (The Fix)

"I saw you in my dream. Who are you?"

"Me? I'm no one. I'm the Invisible Man. I'm Claude Rains. Now get away from me. Forget you ever saw me."

- Peter, Claude (The Fix)

"I told you not to follow me."

"I need help. You live up here?"

"You're not a fast learner, are you, mate?"

- Claude, Peter (The Fix)

"I need to learn how to control this. Like you do."

"What are you talking about? It can't be controlled."

"There has to be some way. If -- if I don't, New York explodes. Okay? I explode."

"An exploding man, where'd you get that idea?"

"My dreams. This place. I found you for a reason. I think you're the one that has to teach me how to stop this."

"There's no such thing. No teaching. No Sunday school for the special. What I can do, you can't learn. You wake up in the morning, it's there. If you've got thin soup, then that's your supper. Sorry, mate, that's the way it is."

"I'm trying not to die. There's got to be something you can do."

"I can kill you myself right now. Solve your exploding problem here. Maybe that's why you dreamt me. Don't bother looking for me. You won't find me here again."

- Peter, Claude (The Fix)

"You don't know what you're asking, what you have to go through. You might want to reconsider dying. Hell of a lot easier."

- Claude (to Peter) (Godsend)

"Come on, mate, I'll steal us a cab."

- Claude (to Peter) (The Fix)

"Right now, your abilities only show up as a reflex. Autonomic, like swallowing. That's a dog's trick. Making it a conscious choice, using it, that's what makes you more than poodle."

- Claude (to Peter) (Distractions)

"Listen, you're the one who's a bomb set to blow up me and everyone in this city unless I can get you housebroken. That's right, now he's listening. Now, you absorb all these abilities you find, yeah? You're invisible with me, you've flown, you've read some minds."

"Yeah, put me in a coma for two weeks."

"Your body doesn't know what to do with them all. It's gotten jumbled, like file cards knocking around a shoebox. Except with you, the cards are doused in plutonium, piling up to a critical mass. Now, I'm gonna teach you how to pull 'em out, one at a time."

- Claude, Peter (Distractions)

"Remember to breathe."

- Claude (to Peter) (Distractions)

"How can you not punch that face every time you see it?"

- Claude (to Peter) (Distractions)

"I spend a lot of time moving around people's homes, their bedrooms. You get to know people if you see them when they think they're alone. You see them for what they truly are: selfish, deceitful, and gassy."

"So what is that, your big truth about the world?"

"Sooner you learn it, sooner we get that collar off your neck. People suck, friend. Every last one of them. Never forget that."

"Not all of them."

"Oh, right. There's a girl."

"She's not like the rest of them."

"Everyone's like the rest. That's why they're the rest."

- Claude, Peter (Distractions)

"And that's the one you love. Off to dinner with the guy she left to be with you. Sort of fickle, don't you think?"

- Claude (to Peter) (Distractions)

"You got this rosy film over your eyes, like a kid. It's no wonder you live like an adolescent—posters on the wall, hair in your face. You've got to see the world as it is. The only way you'll learn how to save it."

- Claude (to Peter) (Distractions)

"Did you forget you're a bomb? You've got to remember what this is about. Or, do you have to ask for your brother's permission for that as well?"

- Claude (to Peter) (Distractions)

"You're a sad cartoon of a broken heart bleeding all over the place. I'm just trying to get your mind straight."

- Claude (to Peter) (Distractions)

"You have to listen to me."

"And I am tired of you telling me what I have to do! I don't have to do anything!"

"Except fly."

- Claude, Peter (Distractions)

"Not quite what I was expecting, but hope for the flowers yet."

"You threw me off of a 30-story building! If I didn't regenerate I'd be dead!"

"Well, you could have flown."

- Claude, Peter (Distractions)

"Well, it's a start."

- Claude (to Peter) (Distractions)

"And when you've left New York a smoking wasteland, we'll put that on your tombstone: Here lies Peter Petrelli. He tried."

- Claude (to Peter) (Unexpected)

"Dig into that file cabinet of yours and pull something out! Fly! Stop time! Paint me a pretty picture! Do ... something ... unexpected!"

- Claude (to Peter) (Unexpected)

"You wanted to know why I was invisible all these years. It was because of them, and you've brought the bastards right to my door!..."

"So what do we do now?"

"Hey! We? You watch your own back. I do what I always do -- disappear...."

"I can't do this on my own."

"Then I guess you go boom."

- Peter, Claude (Unexpected)

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