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Season: One
Episode number: 112
First aired: January 22, 2007
Written by: Tim Kring
Directed by: Paul Shapiro
Previous episode: Fallout
Next episode: The Fix


Story Development

Museum of Natural History · Dinosaur · Aron Malsky · Ted's cabin · Niki's lawyer · Claude · Invisibility



Two weeks after Peter collapsed outside the Odessa Sheriff's Department, he remains unconscious in a hospital in Manhattan. While unconscious he experiences brief flashes of his vision. Angela and Nathan watch over him.

Niki is in solitary confinement. A group of police guards all prepare to transfer Niki out of the cell. The lead guard is bruised and has a bandaged nose. Niki moves and the group of guards all flinch and cower. The lead guard tells her that even animals like her get to see their lawyers. They cuff Niki without incident and lead her out of the cell.

At home, Claire watches a news broadcast reporting that Union Wells High School will reopen for the first time since Jackie Wilcox was murdered there during Homecoming. Claire is worried about the other students asking her questions and her father tells her she doesn't have to tell them anything. Claire claims that she doesn't even remember much about what happened and feigns curiosity about the events that transpired. Claire leaves for school.

Mr. Bennet observes Sylar in his cell. Sylar appears drugged and incapacitated. Hank tells him that they've been trying to find the codon switches that identify his powers, but they're unable to identify any of them except for telekinesis. Mr. Bennet asks if he's responding to the glycimerine and Hank informs him that they've "given him enough to kill an elephant", but that they're no closer. He tells Mr. Bennet if they keep going at this rate by tomorrow he will be dead. Mr. Bennet claims that he would deserve it for what he did to Eden. Mr. Bennet tells the doctor that "they" haven't authorized it, however, so Sylar must remain alive.

Audrey and Matt accompany an FBI SWAT team as it raids Primatech Paper Co. Audrey tells Matt that he'd better be right about this. A SWAT officer informs Matt and Audrey that they didn't find anything except for paper. Matt approaches Mr. Bennet and directly asks him where Sylar is. Mr. Bennet claims to not know what Matt is talking about. Matt tries to read Mr. Bennet's thoughts but gets only silence. The Haitian stands nearby. Audrey tells Matt that Sylar isn't there and sarcastically tells him, "Nice going." Mr. Bennet smirks and replies "Oops."

At the Museum of Natural History in New York City, Hiro watches a video of a Tyrannosaurus rex eating another small dinosaur. Hiro is looking for a particular sword and claims all the books he's read say the sword is at this museum. Ando criticizes Hiro for wasting time trying to find a sword when they only have three weeks left until the explosion. Hiro tells Ando that ever since he lost Charlie his powers have grown weaker. He believes finding the sword will restore his powers. Hiro finds the sword which originally belonged to Takezo Kensei.

Peter continues to have visions.

In the hospital Peter continues to experience brief flashes of his vision. Simone arrives at the hospital bringing flowers. She feels Peter's head and remarks that he's burning up. Angela tells her that he has "persistent idiopathic fever" which she claims means the doctors don't know what's wrong with him. Nathan tells Simone that the doctors don't know how much more his heart can take. Simone looks at Peter and wishes she knew what Peter was thinking. Nathan tells her that just prior to collapsing he said he "felt he was absorbing too many powers." Simone tells Nathan that Peter wanted to see the missing painting and Nathan chastises her, telling her that she knew he was going to follow the painting to Texas. Nathan says that he shouldn't have been there and Simone says that it was important to him. Nathan tells Simone that if she believes in these prophetic paintings to take him to Isaac so he can meet him for himself. Nathan kisses Peter on the cheek and tells him that he loves him.

D.L. gives Micah a peanut butter sandwich. Micah tells him that he shouldn't put the peanut butter in the refrigerator and that Niki always keeps it at room temperature. D.L. claims that he's got his own style and tells him it'll still taste good. Micah giggles and D.L. notices a scratch on Micah's face. When he asks about it Micah tells him that some "jerks" called Niki a psycho-killer. D.L. tells him he wishes things could be easier. A man knocks at the door and D.L. goes to answer it. The man at the door tells D.L. that he believes D.L. was expecting him. He introduces himself as Aron Malsky. D.L. lets him inside and brings him the briefcase. He asks if the charges against him have been dropped. Aron tells him that Niki's confession exonerated him. He hands Aron the briefcase and asks if Mr. Linderman will leave him and his family alone. Aron tells him not to count on that and that since D.L. took something from Mr. Linderman that he may have to make it up to him someday.

At the museum, Hiro tells Ando how his father used to tell him stories about Takezo Kensei. He tells Ando that Takezo was a powerful savage feared by all of Japan. One day, he found a sword in the snow and when he took it he found that it focused his strength and he become a great leader. Ando sees the symbol on the hilt of the sword and points out that it's a combination of the characters meaning "great talent" and "godsend." Hiro claims that with that sword his powers will return and he'll be able to fulfill his destiny. Hiro tells Ando that they're going to steal it.

At Mohinder's apartment, Mohinder is visited by an FBI agent. Mohinder tells the agent that he's glad the FBI is finally taking the list seriously. The agent tells him that too many people on that list have shown up dead or missing and that if not for records proving he was not in the country at the time, Mohinder would be in a lot of trouble. The agent asks about the list and Mohinder tells him that his father identified a genetic marker that the evolved humans have in common and that he compiled the list using information from the Human Genome Project. He tells the agent that he's been trying to locate them and warn them about Sylar. The agent tells Mohinder that they ran the name and that it was clearly an alias, but that they did find information on one of the other names on the list: Sarah Ellis. Mohinder explains that he tried to find her in Los Angeles and that he's never met her before. The agent asks Mohinder if he's sure, and shows him a picture, revealing Sarah Ellis to be the woman he knows as Eden McCain. He tells the agent that he knows her as Eden and that she lives across the hall, but that he hasn't seen her for a few weeks. The agent tells him that she turned up three days ago in Lake Ramsey dead with a gunshot wound to the head, a suspected suicide.

At Primatech Paper Co., Mr. Bennet hands Agent Thayer a tape and they shake hands. She approaches Matt and Audrey. Matt tells her that Mr. Bennet has Sylar in the building, but Thayer claims he doesn't. Thayer says that she was just given a parking lot surveillance tape showing Matt there every day for two weeks. She scolds Audrey for placing the FBI in a precarious position. Matt claims that he abducted people including him and Ted Sprague. She tells Audrey that she's going to make sure she is reprimanded for her actions. As Matt and Audrey go to leave, they argue. Audrey tells Matt to go home and that they're done. Matt walks up to Mr. Bennet, grabs him, and pushes him up against some barrels. He tells Mr. Bennet that he's not going to stop until he figures out how Mr. Bennet's pulling this off. Mr. Bennet simply replies, "Good luck with that."

At Union Wells High School, Claire approaches Zach and tells him that she just wants to talk. He tells her he's sorry to hear about her best friend Jackie. Claire tells him that she recently discovered that someone else was her best friend, but that she lost him, too. Zach asks what happened at Homecoming and she tells him that she can't remember. Zach tells her that he's been having trouble remembering some things, too. She asks Zach if they feel like they could be friends. Zach tells her that they wouldn't play well together.

Niki meets with her attorney in prison. She tells him that she just wants to serve her time in peace. The attorney informs her that the district attorney is planning to seek the death penalty. The attorney tells her that if she cooperates then it's possible it might help. He asks her to reveal where the $2 million dollars are. Niki claims she doesn't know about the money, but then Jessica asserts herself and tells Niki that she's not fooling anyone and knows exactly where it is. Niki and Jessica alternately keep asserting themselves while having a conversation with each other. The attorney remarks that it's going to be difficult to convince people that she has multiple personality disorder. Jessica tells him to get them a shrink. Niki reasserts herself and tries to convince the attorney that she's not crazy.

Hiro steals the replica sword.

At the museum, Hiro and Ando walk around the exhibit housing the sword making small-talk with a guard momentarily. Ando points out that there's security everywhere and that stealing is wrong. Hiro claims that it's just once and that if he can't control his powers then the museum will explode anyway, so in the end it will be a "good deal" for the museum. Hiro tries to stop time, but is unsuccessful. Hiro tells Ando his power isn't working. Hiro tries to stop time again with limited success. He manages to slow down time, but not stop it completely. He considers it good enough, removes the sword from the case, and runs into another room. He turns around and brandishes the sword at a large model of a dinosaur. He restores time to normal. As an alarm sounds Ando looks around and sees the sword is now gone. He runs out of the museum and finds Hiro in the street. Hiro tells him that with this sword there's no limit to what he can accomplish. He pulls the sword out of the sheath and finds that it's only a replica. On the blade is a placard reading "Replica courtesy of the Linderman Group" Disappointed, he tells Ando he's going to take it back.

Simone and Nathan arrive at Isaac's apartment. Seeing Isaac's paintings, she tells Nathan that someone took his paintings and doesn't understand why they're back. She tells Nathan Isaac's been gone three weeks. Isaac interrupts and tells her that he came back. Simone tells him that he looks healthy and Isaac tells her that he was in a clinic, that he's clean now, and he no longer needs the heroin in order to paint. He tells Simone that he's only alive because of her and that he still loves her. Nathan asks Isaac about the exploding man painting and remarks that it's like he's a bomb. He asks Isaac how he knows about this, and Isaac tells him that he painted what he saw. Nathan tells him that Peter believes he's the cause of the explosion. Looking at the other paintings Isaac has made of Peter, Nathan expresses disbelief that they could all be connected. He claims "the world doesn't work like this." Just then, Hiro and Ando walk into Isaac's apartment. Hiro tells Isaac that the sword that was at the museum was just a replica and that the real one is owned by Linderman. Nathan asks if Hiro just said Linderman. Hiro sees Nathan and exclaims "Flying man!"

Claire talks to the Haitian and asks whether she's safe or if she still needs saving. The Haitian tells her she's safe for now. Claire tells him that she wants to talk to Peter Petrelli. The Haitian tells her that she's not supposed to remember him, that he's being watched, and that if she tries to contact him then Mr. Bennet will find out. The Haitian confirms her suspicions that Hank and Lisa work for her father, and Claire complains that everything in her life has been a lie. She tells him the only person she could trust was Zach, but that he took him from her. She begs him to restore his memories, but he tells her his "gift" doesn't work that way. She scoffs at him calling their powers gifts. The Haitian tells her that their powers are the work of God and to respect it accordingly.

Hiro tells Nathan about the explosion he witnessed in the future. Nathan comments on Hiro's improved English and Hiro tells him that Charlie taught him many things. Hiro tells Nathan that his powers made him return from his trip into the future so that he could stop the explosion from taking place. He tells Nathan that he'll help, too, but Nathan isn't so sure. Nathan asks what he thinks makes this explosion go off and Hiro theorizes that it's because of some villain. Nathan and Hiro look at the exploding man painting. Nathan asks Hiro whether he believes a human being could actually cause an explosion. Hiro remarks that they both have powers so maybe the exploding man has powers, too. Hiro says they must stop him.

In a house somewhere in the Nevada desert, Ted Sprague sits alone, experimenting with his powers, causing small explosions of energy in each hand—similar to the explosion in Peter's vision.

Claire takes Zach back to the abandoned refinery where they originally filmed her 80ft jump. Claire tells him that they've been here before to do this. In disbelief, Zach asks her if she's auditioning for America's Next Top Model. Claire remarks that he said the same thing the first time as well. She tells him to just keep the camera on her. Zach tells her that she probably told him before, but asks why they're making a recording. She tells him that the first time she didn't tell him why she was doing it and that it was to show her biological parents what she could do. She tells him that this time it's for her so that she'll never forget who she is no matter what happens to her. She climbs the structure and jumps off. Zach runs up to Claire. She gets up and pushes some bones in her chest back into place and begins healing. Speaking to the camera she says, "This is Claire Bennet and as far as you know that was attempt number one."

D.L. and Micah visit Niki in jail.

D.L. and Micah visit Niki in prison and speak to her from behind glass. Niki tells D.L. that she doesn't know how much longer she's going to be there. She tells him that they're sending her to be evaluated by a shrink and that Jessica is still with her. She tells D.L. that Jessica tried to escape and hurt one of the guards. D.L. tells her that the shrink can help her get rid of Jessica and Niki tells him that Jessica is real and not in her head. D.L. phases his hand through the glass and holds Niki's hand. He tells Niki he should have kept Linderman's money to help her out. Niki tells him that he had to give the money back or else it would never be over. Micah talks to Niki and tells her that he wants her to come home, but Niki tells him she can't. Niki asks the guard if she can just hug her son, but the guard refuses. She protests and approaches the guard. The guard pulls out his nightstick and swings it at Niki. She grabs the nightstick and breaks it in half. Several guards rush into the room, pin her against the wall, and handcuff her.

Mohinder returns to his apartment and finds Mr. Bennet waiting for him, holding a gun. Mohinder asks if Mr. Bennet has come to kill him now. He tells Mohinder he wants to talk to him about Eden. He says that Eden was a good person and was special. Mohinder asks what her ability was, but Mr. Bennet only tells him that she learned to use it wisely. He tells Mohinder that not everyone with abilities deserves them. Mr. Bennet tells him he made a mistake and should have come to him a long time ago and that they should help each other. Mohinder realizes that Mr. Bennet needs him and that his father knew more than Mr. Bennet does. Mr. Bennet says he knows Chandra developed a list of evolved humans and that "who's on that list is a matter of grave importance." He points out that sometimes things go wrong with their powers and that by working together they can control it. Mohinder says the first thing he's going to do is warn the people about Mr. Bennet. He turns down Mr. Bennet's offer. Mr. Bennet gives him a card and tells him to contact him when he changes his mind.

Matt returns home to Janice. Janice tells him that she took out a suitcase, but hasn't packed it yet. Janice admits that most of the trouble they're having is her fault. Matt tells her that they need to be totally honest with each other and tells her that he's able to hear people's thoughts. She doesn't believe him. He asks her to pick a number between one and one million. She laughs.

In the hospital, Peter experiences more flashes from his vision including an unknown bearded man laughing at him. Once again he sees his hands begin glowing with energy. As Nathan approaches, Peter tells him that he "took his power" and that he can't control it. Nathan asks to help, but Peter tells him he can't. Nathan tells him that he's not going to leave him. Eventually, Peter begins glowing with energy as before and explodes. The resulting explosion can be seen killing Nathan and Simone and destroying many buildings. Peter awakens in the hospital screaming. Later, Nathan arrives and asks where Peter is. Angela tells him that he woke up and left. He tells her to go home and get some rest and that he'll find Peter.

Niki in confined in a straitjacket.

At Isaac's apartment, Simone marvels that Hiro is the character from Isaac's comic book. She tells Hiro that Mr. Linderman is a client of hers that purchases every painting of Isaac's that he can. She tells Hiro that she can arrange for him to meet Mr. Linderman.

Peter makes a call asking for the first flight out of New York to the desert, specifically in Nevada. He asks if that's where they performed nuclear bomb testing. He makes arrangements to fly out to Las Vegas. As he's talking on the phone, he sees the bearded man from his vision stealing money from someone else's wallet. The man walks away and Peter follows him calling out to him. Peter grabs the man and asks what's he's doing. The man is surprised Peter can see him. He pushes Peter up against a lamp and tells him that nobody sees him. As they struggle, they bump into a table next to them, but both are invisible. The man claims he is invisible and he holds Peter by the neck against the lamp.

At the jail, Niki is straitjacketed and locked up in solitary confinement. She prays, "God help me". Jessica overpowers and says, "Who needs God when you got me?"

In the beginning there was discovery. A confusion of elements. The first snowfall of impossible change. Old lives undone - left behind. Strange faces made familiar. New nightmares to challenge sleep. New friends to feel safe with. Only then comes control - the need to impose order unto chaos. Through determination, through study, through struggle... all in defiance of a thundering truth. They're here, and the earth shudders under foot.

Memorable Quotes

"'Save the cheerleader, save the world.' Have I been saved, or do I still need saving?"

"You are saved for the time being."

- Claire Bennet, The Haitian

"What you can do, what I can do. That is God. Respect it accordingly."

- The Haitian (to Claire)

"You're Flying Man! Whoosh!!!"

"Would you keep that down?"


- Hiro, Nathan

"This is Claire Bennet, and as far as you know, that was attempt number one."

- Claire Bennet

"All right. Pick a number between one... and a million."

- Matt Parkman

"Oh God, please help me."

"Who needs God when you've got me?"

- Niki Sanders, Jessica Sanders

Character Appearances


  • All main characters appear in this episode.
  • In the hour before this episode on Monday night on NBC, during the show Deal or No Deal there was a 1.5 minute preview of the opening scene from Unexpected with Ted and Hana.
  • In this episode, Takezo Kensei's name is spelled "Takezo Kensai" in the translated subtitles, even though the display case at the Museum of Natural History spells his name "Kensei". In all subsequent episodes, it is spelled as "Takezo Kensei".
  • In his blog, Greg Beeman stated that the "billain-villain" banter between Hiro and Nathan was ad-libbed by Masi Oka and Adrian Pasdar.
  • Angela Bromstad, the Odessa television news reporter, is named for Angela Bromstad, the executive vice-president of NBC Studios.
  • "Godsend Agenda" is the name of a superhero table-top RPG by West End Games.
  • In this episode, Micah tells D.L. that he got into a fight with some classmates who called Niki a "psycho killer". The graphic novel Bully gives the background to this scene and shows the fight between Micah and the classmate.
  • Mohinder refers to Charlie as a victim of Sylar. However, due to the events of Once Upon a Time in Texas, Charlie was not killed by Sylar and thus would not have been included in this conversation.
  • Some elements of Peter's dream in this episode come true in How to Stop an Exploding Man such as Peter exploding and some parts of his conversation with Nathan before he explodes.

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