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Portrayed by Harry Perry
First appearance Tabula Rasa
In-story stats
Known ability Memory manipulation
Residence Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Occupation Carnival worker

Damian is a member of the Sullivan Bros. Carnival and is also an evolved human with the ability to manipulate the memories of others. He seemingly runs the House of Mirrors at the carnival and is used by Samuel to reveal the memories of his enemies and allies.

Character History

Tabula Rasa

Samuel introduces Damian to Sylar and reveals that Damian can heal memories. Damian guides Sylar into the hall of mirrors and asks him if he is ready to know the truth. Sylar says he is and Damian places his hands on Sylar's head for a moment. He then exits the hall, leaving Sylar behind. Damian later watches on as Sylar once again enters the hall or mirrors. After Sylar is baptized into the family, Damian joins the other carnies in eating dinner.

Brother's Keeper

Joseph tells Samuel that he thought Samuel would build the fire for that night's dinner. Samuel says that he figured Edgar and Damian could handle it.


Damian attends the carnival's Thanksgiving dinner. Later, Hiro tells Samuel to give him Charlie's whereabouts or he'll leave. Anticipating Hiro's rebellion, Samuel has Damian nearby. As Hiro turns to go, Damian grabs Hiro's head and uses his power, seemingly causing Hiro's memories to revert to an earlier period. Hiro teleports away while a shocked Samuel asks Damian what he did.

Graphic Novel:Bloodlines, Part 1

On Christmas of the previous year, Damian eats dinner along with other carnies.

Let It Bleed

Damian's name is on Edgar's list, which says he "projects lost memories into you".

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 1

Hiro Nakamura teleports away from the carnival after Damian had just scrambled his mind.

The Art of Deception

Damian is seen listening to Samuel Sullivan's speech right before the gunshots start. Later, he helps Samuel walk over to Lydia, and holds a rope while watching Noah in the House of Mirrors.

The Wall

Samuel takes Claire to see Noah in the House of Mirrors. He explains that Damian has the gift to reveal a person's memories for them to experience and asks Damian to show Claire the truth about her father. Damian places his hands on Noah's head and closes his eyes, projecting Noah's memories onto the mirrors. When Claire has seen what Samuel wanted her to see, Damian stops the memories. When Claire does not change her mind, Damian shows her more memories, including the death of Kate Bennet. Claire wonders what happened next and Damian continues to show her all of Noah's hidden memories until Claire runs from the House of Mirrors, seemingly horrified at what she saw.

Brave New World

Damian listens to Samuel talk on the stage in Central Park. He nods in agreement. However, at night, right before the "show" is about to begin, Claire storms in and explains Samuel's true motive. At first, Damian is unconvinced, but then, Noah, Edgar, and Eli show up, backing Claire up. At this point, all the carnies leave and run, and are teleported to safety by Hiro Nakamura.

Evolved Human Abilities

Damian has the ability to manipulate a person's memories through touch. He can project a person's hidden or forgotten memories for them to re-experience and is able to project these memories onto reflective surfaces such as mirrors. He is also able to alter a person's memory, effectively "scrambling" their mind to the point where they cannot separate fiction from reality.


  • This character's name has been spelled "Damien" in the episode scripts and in the credits. NBC, the casting call, and Edgar's list spell his name "Damian".
  • According to the casting call for Damian, the character is a "true carny with haunted, piercing eyes." He is described as a "rock and roll, biker type...similar to The Haitian."

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Damian for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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