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Charlie Andrews

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Charlie Andrews
Portrayed by Jayma Mays,
K Callan (65 years later)
First appearance Seven Minutes to Midnight
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced memory
Formal name Charlene Andrews
Nicknames Google,
Little Susie Flapjacks,
Mary Jane
Age at least 85
Date of birth April 24th
Home Milwaukee, WI,
formerly Midland, TX
Residence Charlie Andrews's apartment
Occupations Munitions factory worker,
former waitress
Significant others Unnamed husband,
formerly Hiro Nakamura,
formerly Lloyd Collins
Parents Parents (both deceased),
Erika (aunt, guardian)
Children Four unnamed children,
Grandchildren Sally,
Six unnamed grandchildren
Other relatives Son-in-law

Charlene "Charlie" Andrews is a former waitress at the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, TX. She has an advanced enhanced memory, with the ability to clearly and quickly understand what she memorizes. Charlie's ambition is to take a trip around the world, during which her third stop will be Tokyo, Japan. She was also dying from a blood clot in her brain, but was killed by Sylar. However, when Hiro Nakamura traveled back in time and changed her fate, Charlie was healed by Sylar and fell in love with Hiro. Samuel Sullivan then had her abducted and left her in 1944. She eventually had a family and, sixty-five years later, was reunited with Hiro.

Character History

Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Charlie Andrews: Season One History.

Charlie, the waitress at the Burnt Toast Diner, approaches Hiro and Ando to take their orders. When she sees the Japanese lettering on Hiro's jacket, she confidently reads it out loud, and asks Hiro if she got it right. Hiro is impressed, and asks her if she speaks the language. She replies saying that she learned the phrase along with most of the language in a Japanese phrase book since last week. Hiro deduces that her enhanced memory is a power, and gleefully offers to teach her more. Charlie and Hiro hit it off instantly, sharing their experiences and ambitions with each other. Charlie tells Hiro that he is sweet, which Hiro exclaims to Ando when she vanishes into the store room. Unfortunately, Sylar was waiting for Charlie there, and adds her to his ever-growing list of victims by stealing her power. When her body is discovered, Hiro is distraught and tries to travel back in time to the day before to warn her not to go to work, but ends up six months in the past instead.

In the past, Hiro appears at Charlie's birthday party, and makes it into a birthday photo. Hiro buys her the Japanese phrase book she had in the present as a birthday gift, and tells her that they both have powers. Charlie doesn't understand, so Hiro tries to prove it to her by saying "Tomorrow, the swallow will slay the dragon". The next day, Charlie is shown a newspaper saying that the Tokyo Swallows had beaten the Chunichi Dragons in a baseball game. She is finally convinced of his powers when he makes one thousand origami cranes instantly appear around her. Later, Hiro buys them two tickets to Japan, telling Charlie that he knows she has always wanted to go there. Charlie agrees, but just before they go, she reveals to Hiro that she is dying from a blood clot in her brain. Hiro is upset, saying that he is supposed to save her, but Charlie tells him that he did by filling her life with more joy than she could imagine. Charlie tells Hiro that she loves him, and moves in for a kiss, but Hiro accidentally teleports back to the present and is unable to get back to her.


Charlie's name is on Gabriel's list.

The Eclipse, Part 2

After losing his memories to Arthur Petrelli, Hiro reads through back issues of 9th Wonders! at the Sam's Comics store in Lawrence, KS. He sees the panels of several events, including meeting Charlie, then declares that he doesn't want to grow up.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Charlie is remembered as a victim of Sylar's.

Season Four

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Charlie Andrews: Season Four History.

Now dying, Hiro begins fixing all of his mistakes and decides to save Charlie, telling Emma Coolidge that Charlie is his true love and his biggest mistake was failing to save her. Hiro returns to the day of Charlie's murder where he sets about trying to save her despite the warnings of Samuel Sullivan that it is a dangerous day to mess with time. Hiro stops Sylar as he is about to kill Charlie and sends him on a bus to Odessa before sending his past self six months further into the past to "save the waitress" to ensure he and Charlie fall in love. Hiro and Charlie are reunited finally, but Charlie's blood clot finally starts to kill her. Desperate to save Charlie, Hiro makes a deal with Sylar for him to remove the blood clot in exchange for Hiro telling Sylar his personal future. Sylar saves Charlie who is horrified by what Hiro reveals is the future for Sylar and that he'd save her rather than Sylar's other victims. After briefly storming off, Charlie makes up with Hiro before being time-displaced by Arnold to force Hiro to comply with Samuel's wishes.

Hiro is forced to do as Samuel wishes, going back in time eight weeks to retrieve a film from Mohinder Suresh. While Hiro alters time to save Mohinder, he locks him up rather than let him stop Samuel immediately as he'll lose Charlie for good if he does. During Hiro's hallucinatory trial, Charlie is called as a witness, but does not appear as she is lost in time.

After Hiro recovers from his brain tumor, he gets a message that he realizes is from Charlie. Hiro finds Charlie who is now an old woman and dying of old age. Hiro's actions allowed Charlie, who was sent back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 26th, 1944, to live a good full life with a wonderful family. While Hiro offers to go back in time to return Charlie to her correct time period, she gently refuses his offer as she is content with the life she lived. Hiro decides to accept her decision and says a final goodbye to Charlie before leaving to stop Samuel for good.

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

  • Hiro is smitten with Charlie, though he doesn't know her last name. But that doesn't matter to Hiro because if things went well, her name would be Charlie Nakamura. (Chapter 1)
  • Charlie serves Hiro and Ando food at the Burnt Toast Diner. She speaks at length with them, especially Hiro. She tells them that lately she has been able to "remember lots and lots", including words from a Japanese phrase book that she got for her birthday six months ago. Later, Charlie's body is found murdered in the diner's storeroom. (Chapter 2)
  • Charlie's murdered body is removed from the Burnt Toast Diner. As Sheriff Davidson and others mourn her, Hiro decides to travel back in time to yesterday, and save Charlie by convincing her not to go to work. (Chapter 4)
  • On April 24, 2006, Charlie meets Hiro and he tries to tell her he is there to save her life, but she doesn't understand. Instead, Charlie invites Hiro to celebrate her birthday. She and Hiro pose for a photograph, and then Charlie opens her presents, which are several items to help her realize her dream of traveling the world. Hiro tries to warn her of the "very bad man", but Lloyd interrupts so he can take Charlie to La Pendule, a fancy restaurant in Odessa. (Chapter 6)
  • When taking stock of the positive things he has, Hiro says that he now has six months to get to know Charlie, despite the fact that it seemed like she was dating Lloyd. Hiro remembers that "Future-Charlie" had learned Japanese from a Japanese phrase book, so Hiro decides to buy her this book. (Chapter 7)
  • Hiro decides to take his time at the mall because he knows he can't see Charlie until the next day. He finds a Japanese phrase book for Charlie. (Chapter 8)
  • Hiro meets Charlie at the diner and gives her the Japanese phrase book he bought. Charlie begins reading the book and speaking Japanese quickly. Charlie offers Hiro a job as a busboy, and introduces him to Lynette. Charlie insists that Hiro move out of the motel and find an apartment. (Chapter 9)
  • Throughout the day, Charlie memorizes a large portion of the Japanese phrase book, but Hiro worries that he might ruin things if he brings up her ability too soon. After work, Charlie takes Hiro apartment shopping. They meet Mr. Roiz, the landlord of a very small apartment. Charlie isn't impressed with the outdated and unkempt apartment, but Hiro leases it anyway. Charlie suggests Hiro has a housewarming later on. (Chapter 11)
  • Charlie arrives at Hiro's apartment for a housewarming. (Chapter 12)
  • Charlie gives Hiro a waffle iron for his housewarming, and she makes herself comfortable. Charlie asks about the Robogirl manga in the apartment, and Hiro tells her that Charlie reminds Hiro of Robogirl. They talk about the Bushido code (which Charlie translates easily. As they drink wine, Charlie tells Hiro about her parents and Aunt Erika, and about her plans to travel the world one day. (Chapter 13)
  • Charlie drinks more wine, eats pizza, and expresses her desire to one day visit Venice and Munich on her world travels. She tells Hiro about going to Saint Nicasius's, a nearby parochial school, and being distracted by her dreams of traveling. As the evening gets late and it's time for the housewarming to end, Charlie kisses Hiro's cheek, and then leaves. (Chapter 14)
  • Hiro realizes how important Charlie is to the people at the diner, as she is the "glittering, beating heart of the place". Hiro feels at odds with Lloyd, though, because of the relationship Lloyd seeks with Charlie. However, once Charlie defended Hiro by purposely spilling hot coffee on Lloyd's lap. And once when Lloyd tried to invite Charlie on a date to a baseball game, Charlie decided to invite many people to the event. (Chapter 15)
  • Hiro visits Charlie's apartment for the first time, and asks about all of her collection of items from around the world. Charlie expresses her desire to travel the world. Charlie and Hiro look through some old photographs of Charlie's, and she tells him about going to Catholic school, attending Erika's wedding, and going to a party at Lynette's. Charlie also tells Hiro the sad story of Barbie Travis's murder at the hands of Merle Eckels. They two of them snuggle on the couch and watch the Japanese version of The Ring. (Chapter 16)
  • Hiro is able to put the deaths of bulls, Isaac, and millions of New Yorkers out of his mind, but he can't shake Charlie's death. Her death was inevitable, but Hiro wasn't any closer to saving Charlie now that it was June than he had been when he arrived at Charlie's birthday party. (Chapter 17)
  • Hiro realizes he should be honest with Charlie and tell her about his superpowers. (Chapter 18)
  • Charlie doesn't believe that Hiro's multiple attempts to stop time are anything more than mere magic tricks. Impressed with his trickery, Charlie tells Lynette, who insists that Hiro perform tricks at Sammy's birthday party. Charlie works as Hiro's assistant (and Hiro think she looks cute in her outfit). On the way home from the party, Hiro tries to be blunt with Charlie, but she simply doesn't believe that he is anything more than a very talented magician. She doesn't respond when he says he is trying to save her life. (Chapter 19)
  • In the storeroom of the Burnt Toast Diner, Charlie sees a spider and drops a bunch of cans. She screams, then apologizes for scaring Hiro. Hiro asks Charlie if she knows about origami, and she recalls that if a person folds a thousand cranes, they'll be granted one wish. Hiro stops time once more and folds 999 cranes. Charlie is finally convinced that Hiro can stop time and is from the future. He tells her that she needs to make the final crane and that the wish belongs to her. Hiro wraps his arms around her and shows her how to fold the last crane, which she does. Charlie makes a wish, and begins to weep. She thanks him for being so nice to her, puts her hands on his chest, and kisses him gently on the lips. Hiro pulls her closer and kisses her more passionately, but then disappears. (Chapter 20)
  • Charlie's kiss with Hiro makes him reel, despite having teleported over 6,000 miles away. (Chapter 21)
  • Hiro buys a gift for Charlie, then goes to the Burnt Toast Diner to meet her. Her eyes are red and puffy and she has been crying. Charlie tells Hiro that she is mad at him for disappearing for two days without a word. After he explains that he accidentally teleported away, she admits that she was really worried about Hiro. (Chapter 22)
  • Charlie, being sweet to Hiro, tells him his swollen eye makes him look like a badass. She tends to him and asks about the unpredictability of his ability. She says, "Who cares about time travel—being able to stop time is a thousand times cooler," saying that his power is even cooler than Superman's. They go back to Charlie's apartment, and Hiro gives her the reproduction of Kensei and the Dragon. Charlie is saddened by the story, but loves the present. She hopes her relationship with Hiro won't have a sad ending. (Chapter 23)
  • Hiro and Charlie visit the Midland Fairgrounds. Charlie explains that seeing animals is a very moving experience for her since she used to beg to start a 4-H club in middle school. When Charlie meets Quincy Carrot-Muncher at the county fair, she begins telling lots of facts about rabbits, and gets embarrassed by her enhanced memory. Just then, Charlie sees Lloyd, hugs him, and asks him to be nice around Hiro. They have a tense encounter, and Charlie tries to leave. Instead, Lloyd insists that Hiro and Lloyd have a competition to see who can win Charlie a teddy bear, much like the ones he has earned for her every year since they were kids. Charlie watches as Hiro and Lloyd have a baseball-throwing competition, and Charlie is pleased when Hiro wins a big teddy bear for her. She tells Hiro that Lloyd is a jerk. (Chapter 24)
  • Charlie and Hiro put the giant teddy bear in the back of her car, then head to Dairy Queen. Charlie says this a "prime make-out spot" and that she used to come here all the time when she was in high school, though she says she was always a "nice Catholic girl. I barely even held a boy's hand until I was eighteen." She tells Hiro about some of her past love interests, but she always seemed to break up with them over "something stupid", including one guy who had T-rex hands. When Hiro asks about her history with Lloyd, Charlie says that they went out a couple times, but "we're just friends, nothing more." They make out passionately. (Chapter 25)
  • On their way to Hiro's apartment, Hiro convinces Charlie that her enhanced memory is a gift, something she could use to change the world. Charlie opens up to Hiro about her ability—that she at first thought it was just a trick, but then realized that she was remembering every word of books she had read years ago, or the numbers of a bank account she hasn't had since she was a teenager. They talk about the idea that abilities have both a good side and a bad side. Hiro convinces her that she can be a hero, and that destiny has brought them together. When Hiro brings up Robogirl, Charlie asks him to shut up and kiss her. (Chapter 26)
  • Charlie narrowly beats Hiro at a game of chess, but wins big against several chess regulars at the park. She decides to use the money towards her trip around the world. Meanwhile, Hiro brainstorms ways to save Charlie from Sylar. (Chapter 27)
  • Charlie skips lunch and is hungry. She suggests several different restaurants for dinner, but is pleasantly surprised when she sees that Hiro has redecorated her apartment like a Japanese garden. They make sushi together, and she defines their relationship as boyfriend-girlfriend. When Charlie sits down to eat, she is shocked to see that Hiro has bought plane tickets to Japan. (Chapter 28)
  • Hiro is in love with Charlie. (Chapter 29)
  • At the Jackalope Ice House, Charlie dances on the bar with the bartenders. She asks Hiro to dance, but he is too self-conscious. Her friend Jake asks her to dance, but Hiro decides to step up instead. They dance to "Achy Breaky Heart", and then slow dance to an Alison Krauss song. (Chapter 30)
  • Hiro and Charlie attend Lynette's Labor Day Barbecue Blowout, and Charlie strips down to a sleek white bikini. (Chapter 31)
  • Charlie's passport arrives, and she prepares for her trip to Japan on September 23, 2006. While preparing, she screams, claiming to be "attacked" by a brown recluse spider. She insists on going to the hospital, which is an unusual experience for her because the last time she got sick was when she was in high school. She worries that the venom is spreading, and tells the doctor about her bite. He doesn't see a mark from the spider, but he takes her blood anyway. They go back to Hiro's apartment. (Chapter 32)
  • Charlie gets ready to go home, but Hiro insists that she stay at Hiro's apartment. She puts on one of Hiro's too-big shirts, then gets in bed with Hiro. They tickle and tease each other, then begin kissing. As they take their make out session to the next level, Hiro inadvertently teleports away. (Chapter 33)
  • Hiro realizes that James Walker was killed in the same way that Charlie will be killed. He strengthens his resolve to save her life. (Chapter 34)
  • The day after Hiro teleports away, Charlie takes the day off work and goes back to the hospital to get the results of the spider bite. That evening, she sees Hiro at her apartment. she seems annoyed and frustrated with Hiro, and her words are curt and somewhat icy. (CHapter 35)
  • In her apartment, Charlie speaks with Hiro, alternating between being warm and cool towards him. She gets disproportionately angry when he compares her to Robogirl, and finally explodes when they talk about her enhanced memory. She is angry because she can remember her parents dying, and she wishes her ability would go away. She apologizes for her outburst, but still asks Hiro to leave. (Chapter 36)
  • Over the next few days, Charlie is warm to Hiro, but suddenly has less time to spend with him. In fact, she spends her regular Tuesday night on a date with Lloyd, refusing to make eye contact with Hiro as she leaves. (Chapter 37)
  • Lynette tells Hiro that Charlie really cares about him, and that she has never gotten this close to anyone before. Lynette insists the Charlie just needs time. (Chapter 38)
  • Charlie plays a game of chess with Hiro, and then tells him that she can't go to Japan with him, or at all. She says that she has a blood clot in her brain, and they express their love for one another. (Chapter 39)
  • On October 11, 2006, Hiro is sad that he has failed in his mission to save Charlie, but vows to not give up. (Chapter 40)
  • Hiro is ecstatic that Charlie has said "I love you" to him. He finds himself at the Burnt Toast Diner and asks for Charlie, but the waitress doesn't know who "he" is. (Chapter 41)
  • Hiro is at St. Nicasius Catholic Church and realizes that this is where Charlie went to school. He sees a hemicaptitation painting and takes that as a sign that he needs to save Charlie. In the present, Hiro asks where Charlie is, but Lynette says she has the day off work. (Chapter 42)
  • Hiro watches Charlie through the window of Charlie's apartment, but waits until she leaves before he goes in. (Chapter 43)
  • While at Merle Eckels's execution, Hiro thinks about Charlie, trying to teleport away. (Chapter 44)
  • Hiro teleports to Charlie, who tries to calm Hiro down, and then kisses him, though he teleports away again. While teleporting uncontrollably, Hiro sees Charlie dancing with Lloyd at Erika's wedding, and later he sees Charlie's headstone, and later still he sees an six-month-old Charlie screaming as her parents are killed in a car accident. Finally, Hiro focuses on July 1, 2006, the time that he and Charlie first kissed. (Chapter 45)
  • Hiro decides to focus all his concentration on saving Charlie and not anybody else. (Chapter 46)
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Evolved Human Abilities

Charlie has the ability to remember and recall vast amounts of information. She is easily able to retain and recall what she reads. She learned minutiae, languages, and complex information quickly without the need for repetition. Charlie used to be unaware of why she had this, or even that it was a special ability -- she only knew that her brain began working faster than it used to. As a dying old woman Charlie still displays this ability, but seems unable to recall the true nature of Sylar, something that had horrified her after she'd learned it. Sylar had wondered if Charlie's blood clot had something to do with her ability, but given that she retained it after the clot was removed, it is unlikely.

Heroes Reborn App

Prior to Heroes Reborn starting, an app was released with a video summary of Charlie's history. The summary included:

Memorable Quotes

"She was real. She was fleshy. She had a smile that could melt butter like a hot waffle."

- Hiro (Blog entry)

"I'm my very own Wikipedia!"

- Charlie (to Sylar) (Once Upon a Time in Texas)

"Hiro, 300,000 people die every single day -- young, old, there are accidents, murders. Why am I any different? Why do I get to live?"

- Charlie (to Hiro) (Once Upon a Time in Texas)


  • Saving Charlie is a book about Hiro's relationship with Charlie. According to the book, both of Charlie's parents are deceased and she was raised by her aunt.
  • Charlie's birthday was "about six months ago" (April 24). When Hiro went back in time in an attempt to save her, he gave her a Japanese phrase book as a birthday present. However, Charlie had also received a Japanese phrase book for her birthday in the original timeline. Since Hiro was not at Charlie's birthday party in the original timeline (see picture), it is unknown who gave this phrase book to her (it is possible that this is a Predestination Paradox, although this would raise the question of why Hiro did not appear in her birthday photo until he went back in time).
  • While Charlie's formal name is not fully shown on the list, Mohinder says that "Charlene Andrews" was killed "two days ago, Midland, Texas." (Fallout)
  • Sylar uses the enhanced memory he stole from Charlie to memorize a truck's instruction manual (Road Kill). After the events of Once Upon a Time in Texas, Sylar no longer acquired Charlie's ability, and it is unclear how he would have managed to drive the truck without it.
  • Charlie is the first person who matters greatly to Hiro who was displaced from their normal time and lived their life somewhere else. The second was Tommy Clark, Hiro's step-son whom Hiro time-displaced himself from 2014 to 1999 for protection and then raised in the past.


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Fan Theories

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