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Danko's pocket watch

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Danko's pocket watch
Danko's pocket watch.JPG
Danko owns a pocket watch.

First mentioned: I Am Sylar
Owned by: Danko's father, Danko
Current status: In Danko's possession
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Danko's pocket watch is a Soviet military pocket watch.


I Am Sylar

In Danko's office, Danko shows a pocket watch to Sylar and tells him that when he looks at it he feels as if he were home. Sylar examines the watch and discovers that the watch is running three minutes fast and that it is gaining a half a second every hour.


  • Danko claims his father gave him the watch 20 years ago.
  • The watch was issued by the Soviet military.


  • There is a Russian watch called Родина which means "birth place" or "motherland".


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