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Tracy's necklace

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Tracy's necklace
White Freshwater Pearl Necklace.jpg
Tracy Strauss's pearl necklace

First mentioned: The Second Coming
Owned by: Tracy Strauss
Current status: Unknown

Tracy Strauss usually wears a pearl necklace.


The Second Coming

Tracy wears her necklace while watching Senator Nathan Petrelli on the television with Governor Robert Malden.

The Butterfly Effect

While wearing the necklace, Tracy freezes a reporter who informed her that he was going to run a story whether she denied it or not.

One of Us, One of Them

Tracy, wearing the pearl necklace, finds out about Niki and visits the Dawsons' home, where she meets Micah.

I Am Become Death

Nathan saves Tracy from jumping off the Francis Scott Key Bridge and flies her to safety, as she is still wearing the pearl necklace.

Angels and Monsters

Angela tells Tracy about Dr. Zimmerman and how he was a Company scientist while she is wearing her necklace.

Dying of the Light

Tracy and Nathan visit Mohinder at Isaac Mendez's loft and she is wearing her pearl necklace.

Eris Quod Sum

After Mohinder escapes with Maya, Tracy and Nathan wait for the Company to arrive; Tracy is wearing her necklace.

It's Coming

While meeting Arthur, Tracy is wearing her pearl necklace.

The Eclipse, Part 1

While on the phone with Arthur in Angela's office, she is wearing her pearls.

Our Father

While showing Nathan the Marines, Tracy is wearing her necklace.


After killing Knox, Tracy is wearing her necklace.


Tracy resumed wearing her pearls, as seen when Edgar attacks her.


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