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Debbie (D&S).jpg
First appearance Different and the Same
In-story stats
Known ability None
Sibling Piper (possible twin sister)

Piper has a dream in which she meets Debbie, who says she was separated from Piper at birth.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Different and the Same

In Piper's dream, Debbie is next to Piper on a table being examined in a Company facility. Later, Debbie waves and calls out to Piper from down a hallway. Debbie guides Piper through the facility as they are chased by Mr. Bennet and the Haitian. Finally, they reach a couple windows and they each try to open one. However, only Piper can open hers, and only half-way. Debbie tells Piper that she is her sister and was separated from her at birth, that the facility is her home but it doesn't have to be Piper's. Debbie is then dumbfounded as Piper unnaturally squeezes through the half-open window and tells Piper she cannot follow her. Debbie is then grabbed and dragged away by Mr. Bennet and the Haitian.


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