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Portrayed by Yawar Charlie
First appearance Building 26
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home New Delhi, India

Deepak was going to get married to Annapurna. He is also feared as a powerful and dangerous man.

Character History

Trust and Blood

Hiro, Matt, and Mohinder are being hunted and they do not know why, so Matt draws on paper and Hiro believes that these drawings are their destiny. Hiro looks at a picture of him stopping a wedding in New Delhi, India. Annapurna and Deepak are seen in the drawing and Hiro believes he must stop their wedding.

Building 26

Deepak enters Annapurna's restaurant, and after attempting to force her to return to the wedding, he knocks Ando over the head with a pot and leaves, taking Ando with him.

Later at the wedding, he is confronted by Hiro who wields a cake knife and is commanded to stop the wedding and return Ando. Deepak leaves stating that Annapurna can't possibly be worth all this trouble.


  • According to the casting call for Deepak, he is aged 35 to 50. He has "a gruff and intimidating presence...with ulterior motives for becoming engaged to his new bride."

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