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SWAT agent

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SWAT agent
SWAT agent.jpg
Portrayed by Julio Leal
First appearance A Clear and Present Danger
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Date of death 2007
Occupation SWAT agent working for Building 26

A SWAT agent worked for Building 26.

Character History

A Clear and Present Danger

The agent helps with loading the fugitives onto Flight 195.

Trust and Blood

The agent is part of the response team that journeys with Danko and Nathan to the plane crash site. The agent helps to search for the missing fugitives.

Building 26

The agent is part of a team who heads to the Olympic Coffee Shop and Restaurant to capture Sylar. He shoots at Sylar, but Sylar, unhurt, subdues the agent with telekinesis.

Cold Wars

The agent leads a team to the Costa Verde motel to capture Matt and Peter. They storm the motel's rooms one by one until they find the room that Matt and Noah are in.

Shades of Gray

The agent escorts Matt Parkman into Building 26.

Later, the agent storms the Bennets' home with some teammates, following Danko's orders to capture Claire Bennet. They burst into her room and search for her but Claire has already been rescued by Nathan.

Cold Snap

The agent is part of the team that attempts to recapture Tracy, Matt, Mohinder and Daphne at Building 26 but is influenced by Matt's telepathy. He is later seen with the team attempting to take out Tracy just as she uses her freezing ability. The agent is effectively frozen and killed.

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