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Lyle Bennet

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Lyle Bennet
Lyle Bennet.jpg
Portrayed by Randall Bentley
First appearance Genesis
In-story stats
Known ability None
Aliases Lyle Butler,
Date of birth July 16, 1992
Home Costa Verde, CA
Residences Single-family home in Costa Verde, CA
Occupation Student
Parents Noah Bennet,
Sandra Bennet
Sibling Claire Bennet (older adoptive sister)
Other relatives Doug Douglas (step-father),
Tommy Clark (nephew),
Malina (niece)

Lyle Bennet is Claire's brother. While Claire was adopted, Lyle's adoptive status is unclear.

Character History

Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Lyle Bennet: Season One History.

When Claire tries to tell Sandra that she walked through fire and didn't get burned, Lyle tells her that she is crazy. A few days later, when Sandra and Mr. Muggles go to a dog show, Lyle discovers Claire's tapes and watches them. He is horrified to see his sister heal and when Claire finds him she tries to pass it off as special effects. Lyle doesn't believe her and, after watching her regenerate from a staple wound, he runs away with the tape. Claire manages to convince Lyle to keep her secret but his memory of her power is later erased by the Haitian.

When Sandra's own memory begins to fail, Claire tries to see if she will recognize Lyle. Lyle believes that Claire is just acting weird but is later devastated when Sandra is hospitalized and tells his sister to shut up when she starts blaming their father. When Ted Sprague and Matt Parkman hold the family hostage, Lyle tries to attack Ted with a cricket bat. He and his mother are tied up and he is later freed by Claire. He runs and calls the cops, then, after watching his house explode, he and his family watch a charred Claire emerge from the wreckage and regenerate.

Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Lyle Bennet: Season Two History.

Lyle moves to Costa Verde with his family and takes the last name "Butler". After the first day of school, Sandra tells Claire that Lyle's first day was uneventful and asks about hers. When Claire begins meeting West in secret and comes up with the excuse of going to the library, Lyle questions her by asking her if she has ever heard of the internet. Lyle continues to live in Costa Verde but when Claire returns home one day with the news that The Company has found her, he starts packing to leave. Noah is killed and Lyle mourns with the rest of his family. When his father shows up alive, Lyle listens to his story.

Season Three

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Lyle Bennet: Season Three History.

When Lyle and Sandra return home, they find Claire, still traumatized by her recent visit from Sylar. Meredith Gordon shows up to protect the family, and demonstrates her pyrokinesis by lighting her cigarette at the kitchen table. This disturbs Lyle and he asks his mother for help. A few days later, when Sandra and Claire return from fighting Eric Doyle, they find Lyle unconscious on the floor. He awakens and tells them that the "bitch is back". Elle attacks Claire but is stopped when Lyle throws a bucket of water onto her.

Two months later, Lyle sits and has breakfast with his family. He asks Noah about his new job as a consultant and fakes interest with a nod. When Alex Woolsly needs a fake ID, Sandra takes Lyle's drivers license, using the excuse that it is a punishment because he got a C- on his report card. After Claire goes on the run, Lyle is left at home to take care of Mr. Muggles. He phones Sandra while she is in Washington and makes Noah realize that the woman he is with is actually Sandra.


Claire tells Noah that she is homesick, and that she even misses Lyle.


Lyle can be seen in a family photo on a table in Noah's apartment.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Noah discusses with Lauren how his family life with Lyle, Claire and Sandra is affected by his job.

Brother's Keeper

Lyle can be seen in a family photo on a table in Noah's apartment.


Claire asks Noah over the phone whether Lyle would be attending Thanksgiving dinner at his apartment. Noah tells her that Lyle was caught up at school.

The Fifth Stage

When Claire is telling a fairy tale version of her life story to the carnival children, she depicts Lyle and the rest of the Bennets as frogs.

Heroes Evolutions

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

On February 9, 2011, Noah Bennet watches a news report that includes Claire's first attempt video, which was supplied to the news station by "Hellbee". Noah instantly recognizes "Hellbee" as being the internet persona used by Lyle ever since he was 11. Noah calls Sandra and tells her what he has learned. Sandra tells Noah that she will talk to Lyle and call him back.

Memorable Quotes

"Are you some kind of alien or something? Is he an alien too?"

"Yeah, we're gonna anal-probe you."

"Zach! Stop scaring him."

- Lyle, Zach and Claire (Nothing to Hide)


  • Mrs. Bennet believes her son is a bit of a hypochondriac. (Better Halves)
  • In a deleted scene for Nothing to Hide, Claire makes a comment to Lyle, saying, "Sometimes it's nice to know that we're both adopted."
  • In the episode Distractions, Mrs. Bennet states that Lyle is at a taekwondo sleepover (he has also been known to play football).


  • The closing credits for Genesis incorrectly spelled Lyle's name Lyle Bennett. All subsequent episodes have spelled the name correctly, with just one t.
  • In the script for the unaired pilot, Lyle is listed as being 14 years old.
  • According to Sandra, Lyle is a bad driver. (Exposed)
  • Lyle's driver license lists his weight as 155 and his height as 5'9". It also notes his brown hair and green eyes. (Exposed)
  • Lyle's internet handle is "Hellbee" (Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World). This moniker comes from Lyle's initials, LB, a homonym for Hellbee.

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Fan Theories

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