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Ditko dispatcher

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Ditko dispatcher
Portrayed by Edward Carnevale
First appearance Our Father
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Home New York, NY
Occupation Dispatcher for Ditko

Matt, Daphne, and Ando track down the dispatcher at Ditko.

Character History

Our Father

Daphne carries Ando and Matt to Manhattan to the bike messenger service and tries to find the sketches from Isaac. The dispatcher says they don't keep records and he couldn't show them if they did due to city regulations. Matt says he's lying and uses his telepathy. He discovers the dispatcher knows about Isaac’s sketches and he’s skimming company funds. The dispatcher agrees to give them the sketches and goes in the back to get them out of the safe. Ando wonders why Daphne is helping them and she claims she feels responsible. Matt says she's doing it because she's a good person. Looking outside, they see the dispatcher escaping on a bike with the sketches. They start to go after him but Daphne says she'll handle it. She superspeeds in front of him and he crashes, then surrenders to her.

The dispatcher returns to Matt and the others and says he found it in the messenger's office after he was fired. He gives them the sketches and leaves. The sketch shows Hiro with the caption, "Hiro Nakamura: Lost in Time". Matt and Daphne think it might simply be a promotional cover. The next sketch shows Claire looking out over the city.


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