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Shanti virus

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Shanti virus
Shanti virus samples.jpg
The Company mass produces the virus for experimentation purposes.

First mentioned: Six Months Ago
Current status: Strain 138 destroyed; various other strains in the Company's possession

The "Shanti virus" is a life-threatening disease that attacks the nervous system. One of its side effects is that it prevents evolved humans who have the disease from using their abilities. Shanti Suresh is the first known victim.

Afflicted Characters


Many strains of the virus exist, though only three have been mentioned. Mohinder Suresh seems to have antibodies in his blood that are capable of destroying the original strain of the virus, though by mixing it with Claire's regenerative blood, the antibodies "become stronger", apparently affecting other mutated strains in blood recipients. According to Adam Monroe, biological engineer and Company founder Victoria Pratt recovered the virus from Shanti Suresh on February 14, 1977 and under the orders of the Company, began working on weaponizing the virus. At least 138 strains of the virus were brought into existence by Victoria's research.

Original Strain

According to Adam Monroe, the first and original strain of the virus was discovered in Shanti Suresh on February 14, 1977. The effects of this disease are harmful if not treated and can block evolved human abilities. The only known cure is Mohinder's blood, which contains antibodies capable of destroying the virus. Because of the lack of specific equipment against contamination when treating patients, this strain of the virus appears not to be contagious through inhalation. According to Mohinder, only evolved humans are vulnerable to this strain of the virus.

The known victims of this original strain are Shanti Suresh, who died from the disease (Homecoming); Molly Walker, who was cured by Mohinder's blood (The Hard Part); and the Haitian, who was cured by Mohinder's blood. With the Haitian, Mohinder commented that the virus was starting to get more virulent and would have killed the man by the next morning with its reproduction rate inside of him (Lizards).

Unnamed Strain

A mutated version of the original strain of the Shanti virus, this strain is used by the Company to block abilities without any apparent harm to the subject (similar to the ability negation pills). Besides this effect, this strain appears to be asymptomatic; infected characters don't show any visible sign of health damage. Bob Bishop claims that this strain, what he calls a variant and is later referred to as a mutated strain, was created both in an effort to block people's abilities and to find a cure for the virus in case it ever crossed over into the general population. Mohinder tells Noah Bennet that this strain has been biologically altered from the original and as such, his antibodies may not work as a cure. (The Line) This indeed proves to be the case as this strain is too strong for Mohinder's antibodies to work, (Out of Time) but combining Claire's regenerative blood with Mohinder's antibodies fortifies the antibodies enough to be a cure.

The known victims of this strain are Niki Sanders (Out of Time) and Sylar, who was cured by a mixture of Mohinder's blood and Claire's regenerative blood (Powerless). However, it seems that not even this mixture was capable of fully restoring Sylar's stolen abilities: aside from telekinesis, this strain removed all his acquired powers (The Second Coming). While in an alternate future, a few of Sylar's abilities were restored (I Am Become Death), but he may have simply stolen them again from other people possessing those powers.

Strain 138

A strain created through biological engineering, Strain 138 is the first strain known to infect normal humans. Its symptoms are deadly, and due to its high contamination rate, it was responsible for killing 93% of the world's population in an alternate future. That future's version of Angela Petrelli stated that the virus would eventually kill everyone in the world. Victoria Pratt also stated that if this strain of the virus ever got out, it would wipe out all of humanity and Mohinder Suresh tells Bob Bishop that even the smallest amount being released would destroy human civilization. (Truth & Consequences) It also has the property of remaining dormant and undetectable once it has infected a victim, capable of suddenly becoming active (Quarantine). No cure is known. Since Peter destroyed the only known vial of the virus (Powerless), this strain is believed to be extinct.

Billions of victims were affected by Strain 138 in an alternate future, including Nathan Petrelli, who died in the first outbreak of the virus (Out of Time). There are no known victims of Strain 138 in the actual timeline.


Seven Minutes to Midnight

After Chandra's funeral, Mohinder first learns from his mother about his sister Shanti, who died from the virus two years after he was born.


During a dream, Mohinder witnesses a conversation Nirand and Chandra have about Shanti and her death--Nirand tells him to let go.

Six Months Ago

Chandra tells Mr. Bennet about a genetic defect in his daughter, Shanti, which resulted in her untimely death. Chandra calls the mutation a "genetic anomaly".

The Hard Part

Thompson tells Mohinder about Molly and her virus, which Shanti also had. Thompson explains that the virus destroys the nervous system. Mohinder is unable to find a cure, until he realizes that he is the cure. He gives Molly a sample of his blood.


Healed, Molly's ability is unlocked, and she proves it by locating Matt Parkman.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Mohinder tells Mr. Bennet that the antibodies in his blood are what cured Molly.

Molly relapses and Mohinder gives her another transfusion. Though Mohinder says it will take some time to work, Molly is able to access her power.

Graphic Novel:Blackout, Part 1

Mohinder, inside a New York City hospital, finds a teenage patient who is an evolved human. Believing that he has the same illness as Molly and his sister, Mohinder gives his own blood to the patient. The blood appears to cure the patient and release his ability.

Graphic Novel:Blackout, Part 2

Mohinder realizes that the teenage patient never had the virus, and the reason for the patient's problems is that he has not learned to control his ability.

Four Months Later...

Mohinder gives a presentation in a Cairo lecture hall. He urges the visitors to fight to secure human evolution. Later, Bob convinces Mohinder to work for the Company on a cure for the virus. He also hints that Mohinder would be a hero if the virus spread to the unevolved population and he had a cure.


Mohinder is sent by Bob to Haiti to treat a man who is exhibiting the exact same symptoms that victims of the virus exhibit. This man turns out to be the Haitian. At first, the Haitian refuses to be treated by Mohinder, saying that because he abused his powers, they are now taken away by God and he is suffering for his past actions. Mohinder finally persuades the Haitian to take a transfusion of his own blood. Later, the antidote works and the Haitian's life is saved and ability reactivated. During this time, Mohinder's fears of the virus spreading are realized as if an evolved human could be affected so far away and the virus itself is more virulent, and would have killed the Haitian by the next morning without the antidote.

Graphic Novel:The Crossroads

Mohinder is in Port-au-Prince giving the Haitian instructions after curing him of the virus.

The Line

After Mohinder runs tests on Monica's abilities, Bob shows him a vial of a variant of the Shanti virus that the Company has engineered to take away person's abilities without harming them and orders Mohinder to inject Monica with it. Mohinder warns that purposely creating other strains of the virus could result in an incurable strain that can cross over into the general population, but Bob tells him experimenting with the virus is the only way to create a vaccine and that there are some people, like Sylar who have abilities too dangerous to be allowed to keep and they need to have a way to stop them. Mohinder later calls Noah Bennet and tells him that with the virus having been biologically altered, he may not be able to cure Monica after injecting her. However, Noah insists that its a necessary evil to stay in the Company's trust and Mohinder has to do it.

Later, Mohinder prepares to inject Monica with the variant strain of the Shanti virus but ultimately can't go through with it. Entering the Company's lab, Mohinder smashes the syringe against the wall and tells Bob that he refuses to infect Monica with the virus. Bob simply tells Mohinder someone else will then and there's plenty more of the virus where Mohinder's syringe came from. In response, Mohinder picks up a stool and throws it at a cabinet on the wall full of the Shanti virus, smashing the glass cabinet and destroying the vials of virus within. Mohinder then tells Bob that he's taking Molly and they're leaving. Bob later approaches Mohinder and admits he made a mistake in trying to force him to inject Monica with the virus, explaining that he's desperate to stop a man named Adam who is a threat to all of them.

Out of Time

After learning that Maury Parkman is coming to kill him, Bob Bishop tells Mohinder and Niki that they will have to inject Maury with the virus to stop him. Mohinder explains to Nathan that the virus takes away abilities but that it can also be lethal and he won't knowingly help spread the Shanti virus. Bob tells him that things have changed and they will use the virus to take away Maury's abilities and then use Mohinder's blood to cure him. Mohinder reluctantly agrees and Bob tells Matt that as Matt has the same abilities as Maury, he is the only one that can defeat him so that he can be injected with the virus. Mohinder and Niki then walk to the lab with Mohinder telling Niki that's what's left of the virus is there and each syringe only holds one dose. Niki notes that Mohinder is disturbed by what they are doing and Mohinder explains that he feels that even though they can cure Maury, injecting him with the virus is still wrong. Niki notes that she killed a lot of people brutally and the Company could've injected her with the virus but helped her instead to convince him to do what Bob wants. As they retrieve the virus, Mohinder and Niki argue with Mohinder pointing out that the virus could wipe out a species while Niki believes it could stop Maury. Finding Niki's worst nightmare, Maury tricks Niki into going to kill Bob with an illusion of D.L. Niki takes a syringe of the virus with her, but Nathan manages to talk her down and Niki injects herself with the virus instead.

In the future, Peter and Caitlin are apprehended by a CDC hazmat crew who demand to know if they are feeling sick and if they are infected to their confusion. Howard Lemay later tells Peter that he is officially dead and wonders how a dead man can be wandering around New York City with no sign of infection. After realizing that Peter truly doesn't know what's going on, Howard explains that in the future Peter has arrived in, the Shanti virus became a pandemic starting on March 20, 2007 when the first case was reported and has killed 93% of the world's population to date. Howard tells Peter that in the future the little that is left of the human race is living in quarantine and desperately seeking a cure to the Shanti virus to save themselves from extinction. He then shows Peter a room filled with hundreds of bodies, all people who had died of the virus in that week alone. Howard later brings in Peter's mother who tells him that he needs to remember who he really is so he can stop the virus from ravaging the world. Angela tells Peter that Nathan died in the first outbreak of the Shanti virus but Peter can change that and everything else. When Peter wonders how, Angela tells him that he absorbed Hiro Nakamura's ability to time travel which grants Peter the power to go back in time and alter the future. When Peter insists he can't control his powers, Angela tells him that he must because if Peter can't go back and stop the Shanti virus, it will kill them all. Peter's frustration over his inability to remember who he is and control his powers leads him to read Angela's mind and learn that she is his mother.

After Maury's defeat, Mohinder treats Niki with his blood but discovers that his antibodies no longer work on the Shanti virus. Mohinder realizes that the new strain is immune to his antibodies and his blood is no longer a cure for the virus. Mohinder informs Bob who promises to sedate Maury instead of inject him with the virus and destroy all of the vials of the virus the Company has. Bob then shows Mohinder an article on Claire Bennet's prank on Debbie Marshall and tells him that Claire's regenerative abilities could be the key to curing the virus.

Graphic Novel:Quarantine

In the future, Howard Lemay and his family head for Detroit to escape the ravages of the Shanti virus. They meet Dylan and find shelter in a Youngstown quarantine. Unfortunately, Dylan's delayed virus symptoms begin showing up after he is already admitted to the shelter, and he infects those locked into the quarantine with him.

Truth & Consequences

After having a vision of himself and Caitlin in the outbreak future, Peter tells Adam about it and shows him an evacuation notice that he brought back with him. Adam asks Peter what he knows about the virus and when Peter tells him that it kills over 93% of the world's population, Adam asks if he knows the name of the virus. Peter remembers Howard Lemay telling him that it was called the Shanti virus and tells Adam. Adam tells Peter that he knew a woman at the Company named Victoria Pratt who recovered a deadly virus from a sick Indian girl named Shanti on Valentine's Day, 1977. Adam shows Peter a picture of the Company founders and tells him that Victoria, a biological engineer, tried to turn the virus into a weapon on Company orders. Adam claims he heard the program was shut down but was apparently misinformed. Adam explains that the picture is of the Company founders and that the virus is their sin. Peter realizes that the Company is responsible for the release of the Shanti virus in the future and becomes determined to find Victoria Pratt and make her tell them where to find the virus as its the only way to save Caitlin and the world.

After Mohinder resurrects Noah with an infusion of Claire's blood, he tells Noah that his resurrection proves that the blood has tremendous regenerative properties and that he believes it can be used to save an innocent woman from a deadly virus. Recognizing that Mohinder is talking about the Shanti virus, Noah shouts after him that the Company created the virus and has been experimenting with it for thirty years. As Noah insists Mohinder can't trust the Company, Mohinder leaves the room.

At the Dawsons' home in New Orleans, Niki goes home to Micah and tells him that she has a virus that he can't catch. When Micah asks what will happen to her, Niki tells him that Mohinder is working on a cure for the virus and she will get better and insists that she will get better and they will have a normal life together when Micah questions her about it.

In Searsmont, Maine, Peter visits Victoria's home and she pulls a shotgun on him when he reveals he knows who she is. Peter tells Victoria that in 24 hours the Shanti virus will get out and in a year will kill 93 percent of the world's population. When Victoria questions how anyone could know the future, Peter tells her he's been there. Victoria realizes that Peter is a time traveler and he tells her that she's created a virus that will kill billions of people and he doesn't know how it gets out or where, just that it does unless Victoria helps him. Victoria then orders him inside at gunpoint.

Looking for clues on Takezo Kensei, Hiro and Ando find an order signed by Hiro's father dated November 2, 1977 to lock away Adam. Hiro travels back in time to that date and watches as Kaito angrily confronts Adam who has just been stopped from releasing the Shanti virus. Adam tells Kaito that the world is plagued by wars and famine and the only way to save it is to wipe the slate clean. Kaito orders Adam locked up and walks into Victoria's lab where she tells him that Adam had been after Strain 138 of the virus and if he'd succeeded in releasing it, Primatech Research would have become ground zero for a global pandemic. Victoria insists that they shut down the virus program, but Kaito instead asks for the virus. After Victoria gives it to him, Kaito tells her that the virus will be taken to the Primatech facility in Odessa, Texas where it will be safe with Adam locked away. Victoria insists that with a virus as dangerous as Strain 138 there is no safe place and it must be destroyed. Kaito tells Victoria that the other founders would never allow that which worries Victoria as Adam must've had help to know where the virus was and to reach it. When Kaito refuses to destroy the virus, Victoria tells him she won't have any part of the Company anymore and leaves as Hiro teleports away.

In present day Seasermont, Victoria leads Peter into her house, recognizing him as Angela Petrelli's son and tells him that after the other founders were murdered, she figured someone would come after her sooner or later. Peter tells Victoria that he doesn't know anything about the murders, just that the last time he'd seen his mother was in a year in a future where the world had already been devastated by the Shanti virus. Victoria is skeptical as she doesn't know him, only his parents and what they could do. Peter tells her about how Caitlin is trapped in the future and he can't return. Peter tells Victoria that he believes that if he can find the virus, he can save Caitlin. Victoria finally tells Peter that he's looking for a mutated strain of the virus, Strain 138, and if it was ever released, it would kill everyone. Victoria tells Peter that the virus is in a Company storage facility in New Mexico, but when he tells Adam, Adam realizes something is wrong as the Company never had a facility in New Mexico. Victoria then appears and shoots the two men, having realized Peter was working with Adam. Before Victoria can kill Adam to stop him for good, Peter regenerates and knocks her out.

Peter and Adam take Victoria into her home where they tie her up and Peter demands to know why Victoria lied to him. Victoria tells him that she believes that Peter is helping Adam to release the virus, but Peter insists they're trying to find it so that he can destroy the virus. Victoria tells Peter that thirty years before, Adam broke into her lab and tried to release the virus but she stopped him from doing it and killing everyone so now he's trying to do it again. Adam claims that he broke in to prevent Victoria and the Company from putting the world in danger and Victoria realizes that Adam killed Kaito and the other founders and she's next. Adam claims they are trying to save lives while Victoria tells Peter that Adam is a killer and since Peter is helping him, so is Peter, just like his parents. Peter tells Victoria that Adam helped him escape the Company and saved his brother's life but what Victoria and the Company did by creating the virus will bring an end to the world. Peter asks Victoria for the location of the virus so he can stop the world from ending, but Victoria refuses to tell him. As Victoria continues to refuse to help, Peter reads her mind and finds out that the virus is at Primatech Paper in Odessa, Texas. After learning what Peter did, Victoria becomes desperate to stop them and grabs her shotgun after Adam releases her. As Victoria goes to kill Peter, Adam shoots her dead and after Peter leaves, tells Victoria's body "if anyone survives, I'll tell them I couldn't have done it without you."

In his lab, Mohinder is able to create a cure to the strain of the Shanti virus Niki is infected with by combining Claire's blood with his antibodies causing Claire's blood to fortify his antibodies to be strong enough to be a cure to the mutated strain of the virus. While Bob is pleased, Mohinder isn't as Bob had promised to stop the Company's research into the virus and Mohinder's own research into it while making his cure has revealed the extent of what the Company has done with the Shanti virus. Bob reminds him of how important it could be to safely remove a dangerous person's abilities, but Mohinder shows him a file on Strain 138 and tells him that if even the smallest amount of that strain were released, it would wipe out all of human civilization. Bob insists that Strain 138 is safely locked away in their Texas facility and the Company is vigilant in its security. Mohinder reminds Bob that he acted as a spy undetected for weeks within the Company and someone with more experience and ill intent could do incredible damage in the same situation. Mohinder asks Bob to help him hunt down every strain of the Shanti virus within the Company and destroy them and Bob finally agrees.

After Bob leaves, Mohinder calls Niki and tells her he has the cure and will fly to New Orleans to give it to her. Later, as Mohinder drives to the airport, he examines a case containing the cure to the virus when he gets a call from Sylar who is at his apartment.

Hiro returns to Yamagato Industries and tells Ando that he knows what Adam wants now, to release the Shanti virus. Hiro explains that its at Primatech in Odessa, Texas where they tried to save the cheerleader and Hiro has to stop him or Adam will release the virus and kill everyone. Grabbing the Kensei sword, Hiro teleports to Primatech to stop Adam from releasing the virus.

At Primatech, Peter and Adam enter and Peter comments that it doesn't look like the kind of place that a world-destroying virus would be stored. As Adam starts to explain how the paper company is just a front, time freezes around Peter who is shocked to see Hiro there. Hiro tells Peter that Adam killed his father and he needs to pay. As Hiro draws the Kensei sword, Peter gathers electricity in his palm, refusing to allow Hiro to harm Adam. Believing Peter to be on the wrong side, Hiro charges him.


In Mohinder's apartment after introducing Mohinder to Maya, Sylar tells him that he has been reading up on Mohinder's research into the Shanti virus and has discovered its ability to take away abilities. Mohinder confirms that and tells Sylar that the Shanti virus also has "the unfortunate side-effect of killing the person infected." Maya realizes that Sylar thinks he's infected with the Shanti virus and Sylar tells Mohinder that he's also learned that Mohinder's antibodies can cure it. Mohinder tells him there are many different strains and his blood isn't always a cure, but Sylar has also learned that his blood combined with Claire's blood acts as a cure for the other strains. After a brief standoff, Mohinder finally agrees to take Sylar to his lab which Sylar agrees to.

After Angela Petrelli is released from prison, Matt and Nathan tell her about Victoria Pratt's murder and ask her where Adam will go next. Angela tells them that Adam has gotten his revenge and to let it go, but Matt and Nathan reveal that Peter is working with Adam and they both killed Victoria. Angela finally explains that a group came together thirty years before to change the world, to fix it. They met Adam who had a perspective on history that was compelling and they believed in him. Angela explains that Adam eventually decided that the world wasn't worth fixing and needed to wiped clean with an unstoppable virus. The founders realized their mistake just in time to stop Adam but Angela warns them that he's trying again and he needs Peter as only someone with Peter's abilities can get to where the virus is stored. Angela tells them its at Primatech Paper in Odessa, Texas and they need to kill Adam with a bullet through the head to stop him. Angela also warns Matt telepathically that he will have to do the same to Peter if they can't stop him from helping Adam.

At Primatech Paper, Peter and Adam enter and Peter comments on the fact that it doesn't look like the sort of place where a world-ending virus would be stored. As Adam starts to explain how the paper company is just a front, time freezes and Peter faces off with Hiro who intends to kill Adam for murdering his father. Peter stops Hiro from killing Adam with telekinesis and when Hiro holds the Kensei sword to his throat, Peter tells him that he's been to the future and a deadly virus will be released there at Primatech that day that will kill nearly everyone and he and Adam are going to stop it. Peter shocks Hiro through the Kensei sword, knocking him out. Peter tells a shocked Adam that Hiro had tried to kill him and told Peter that he couldn't trust Adam. When questioned what he thinks of Hiro's statement, Peter just tells him "let's go destroy the virus" and they leave with Adam taking the Kensei sword.

In New Orleans, Micah tells his mother that Monica has been captured trying to recover his things from Hype Wilson and they need to rescue her using Niki's super strength. Niki tells her son that she no longer possesses her super strength due to the virus' side effects but Mohinder has come up with a cure and will be there soon with it. Micah refuses to wait for Mohinder or wait for the police and drags Niki off to rescue Monica even without her powers.

At Primatech, Adam leads Peter to the vault where the virus is stored and tells Peter that he has to use his power to open the door which Peter is unsure he's capable of. Adam insists that its the only way to reach the virus and save the human race and Peter questions Adam on what Hiro told him about Adam murdering Kaito. Adam admits he murdered Kaito but claims that Kaito locked up the virus so he could use it in the future with the fact that Kaito didn't destroy the virus as proof of his claims. Though Peter is reluctant to believe him, Adam reminds him that Caitlin is trapped in a terrible future and the only way to save her is to reach the virus.

At Mohinder's lab, Mohinder has Sylar give him a sample of his blood, telling Sylar that he self-diagnosed and Mohinder needs to know what strain of the virus Sylar has or if he even has it at all and Sylar reluctantly complies as the wrong dosage of the cure could kill him. Mohinder's tests eventually reveal that Sylar has the same strain of the virus that Niki has. Mohinder realizes that the Company injected Sylar with the virus purposefully. After Maya interrupts them, having learned of Sylar murdering Alejandro, Sylar shoots her dead and demands the "heal anything blood" from Mohinder. Mohinder pulls the cure from his bag and Sylar realizes that Mohinder had it all along. Sylar tells Mohinder to use the blood to save Maya to prove it works and then use it to cure him.

At Primatech, after intense concentration and a nosebleed, Peter is able to yank the vault door open with telekinesis. As the two approach the vault, Hiro teleports in front of them to attack again only to have Peter telekinetically fling him against the wall. Adam enters the vault, telling Peter that if he doesn't stop Hiro, he'll keep trying to kill them. Peter chokes Hiro against the wall with his telekinesis before Matt Parkman arrives and telepathically orders Peter to let Hiro go and go after Adam. Peter releases Hiro but resists Matt's telepathy, projecting back to him that he won't. Matt and Peter engage each other telepathically with Matt trying to convince Peter that Adam is going to release the virus and destroy the world. Peter refuses to believe Matt and flings him down the hall with telekinesis, telling Matt that he's on the wrong side. Nathan then emerges and asks a shocked Peter if he's on the wrong side too. Nathan tells Peter that he went to the Company and saw Adam's history- who he is and what he wanted. Nathan tells Peter that Adam tried to release the virus in the past but Peter counters by telling Nathan how Adam used his blood to heal Nathan's burns and he should be grateful. Nathan tells Peter that Adam used Nathan to get to him and that Adam was manipulating him by helping Nathan. As Peter continues to hesitate, Nathan tells him that he carried Peter away the night at Kirby Plaza because he believes in and loves him. Nathan questions if Peter can really trust Adam and Peter realizes Nathan is right and rushes back to the vault followed by Nathan and Matt.

As Peter faces off with Matt and Nathan, Hiro teleports into the vault where he faces off with Adam who has retrieved Strain 138 and holds it behind his back as he talks with Hiro. Hiro reminds Adam they were once friends but Adam tells Hiro that it was his fault that Adam became a villain after Hiro made him a hero. Adam tells Hiro that after four hundred years wars, famine and disease haven't changed and he compares what he's doing to God and the Great Flood: when God wasn't happy with what He made, He washed it all away. Adam believes he will do the same with the Shanti virus, stating that those who survive the Shanti virus will be granted a second chance and he'll be those survivors hero. Hiro tells Adam that he's not God but Adam responds by saying that he's lived for over four hundred years and could potentially live for four hundred more. Hiro tells Adam he should've killed him long ago and should kill him now to avenge his father's death before teleporting Adam out of the vault. As Hiro teleports away with him, Adam drops the vial containing Strain 138 towards the ground.

Returning to the vault, Peter gets inside just in time to catch Strain 138 with telekinesis and stop it from smashing against the floor and being released. Peter picks the virus up out of midair and is horrified by the fact that he saw what it could do and he nearly was responsible for it being released. Nathan tells Peter that he's not responsible for what might have happened and to destroy the virus as Peter had come there to do. Ordering Matt and Nathan to stand back, Peter cups Strain 138 in his hands and blasts it with radiation, destroying the virus and reducing it to carbonized dust. The dust left behind by the virus briefly forms the symbol before blowing away.

In Mohinder's lab, he injects Maya with one of the two vials of the cure and she heals. Sylar, seeing that it only requires a simple injection, grabs the case with the remaining blood and the syringe but is attacked by Elle Bishop before he can do them anymore harm, forcing Sylar to flee. After Sylar is gone, Mohinder sees that the blood is gone and realizes he no longer has a cure for Niki.

In an alleyway, Sylar injects himself with the cure and his wounds heal and his intuitive aptitude and telekinesis are restored though his other stolen powers remain lost. Sylar tests his newly restored power by using telekinesis to make a spinach can fly into his hand.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

One of the Primatech files that Quentin Frady sees on the Renautas root directory is titled "Shanti Virus".

Heroes Evolutions

On his website, Dr. Suresh posts several videos about advancements in his studies on the Shanti virus.


"Your looking for a mutated strain: 138. If it were ever released, it would kill us all."

-Victoria Pratt to Peter Petrelli (Truth & Consequences)


  • NBC called the illness the "Shanti virus" in a promotional video, and this was confirmed in Out of Time.
  • Mohinder initially thought a teenage patient might also have the virus, but determined he was wrong after trying to cure him with his blood did not have the desired effect. The strain of the virus Niki contracted is not affected by the antibodies in Mohinder's blood.
  • In his lecture in Cairo, Mohinder implies that this illness only affects evolved humans. (Four Months Later...)
  • In a possible future, it is noted that Peter does not have any signs of infection after coming from the present. (Out of Time)
  • In a possible future, Nathan dies from the Shanti virus in the first outbreak on March 20, 2007. (Out of Time)
  • In The Hard Part, Thompson explains to Mohinder that the virus affects the nervous system. Since the brain is part of the nervous system and the brain seems to be the root of the abilities of evolved humans, this may be why the virus affects these abilities.
  • In Powerless, when Peter reduces Strain 138 to carbonized dust, a faint imprint of the helix symbol appears in his hand before he pours the inert dust to the floor.
  • In most cases, the virus seems to only suppress abilities, without taking them away entirely, as curing the virus restores affected abilities.
  • It is possible this virus is now extinct: Mohinder destroyed all the vials he could find of it and planned to destroy whatever other strains existed and Peter destroyed Strain 138. Since these events, the Shanti virus hasn't reemerged, indicating it may in fact be totally destroyed.


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