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Energy absorption, transference, and redirection

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Energy absorption, transference, and redirection
Mindy's ability 2.jpg
Mindy absorbs, transfers, and redirects the energy in TMI.
Held by: Mindy Sprague
Ability to: Absorb, transfer, and redirect energy

Energy absorption, transference, and redirection is the ability to manipulate energy. The user "can aggregate and refocus energy for alternate external release.



According to the Assignment Tracker 2.0 profile for Mindy Sprague, this ability allows a person to absorb, transfer, and redirect energy. The energy is absorbed on a cellular level. The user can aggregate and refocus energy for alternate external release.

When Mindy uses this ability, her hand glows. During a period of more intense use, like when she absorbed the energy from a malfunctioning TMI reactor, her entire body glowed, and her skeletal structure was visible. She was able to consciously redirect enough energy to blast a hole through the wall and cause part of the ceiling to collapse. The next day, Angela remarked that the output of energy was enough to create a blizzard with winds over 110 mph from as far away as Boston. Bob commented that she was able to change the weather for thousands of miles. (From the Files of Primatech, Part 4)



  • According to her Assignment Tracker 2.0 file, the full name of Mindy's ability is "energy absorption, transference, and redistribution".

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