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Three Mile Island

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Three Mile Island
Three Mile Island.jpg
Three Mile Island's power plant
Location: Londonderry Township, PA
Purpose: Nuclear power plant

Three Mile Island is a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania.

Notable Employees


Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 3

In 1978, Mindy Sprague works at the Three Mile Island power plant. Mindy attempts to give her findings and research to Alfred Washburn, her boss, but he will not give her the time of day. Later, Mindy hands her reports to Alfred, who is forced to read them. Genuinely impressed, Alfred gets to work on fixing them.

Mindy becomes pleased with her new job, although she still feels like the new kid on the block. One day however, Alfred reports that a core has been changed before schedule, and Mindy becomes worried. A meltdown is announced and Mindy has everyone leave. She then runs down to the core, her arm shining as she does. Mindy then enters the nuclear core.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 4

In the Three Mile Island reactor, Mindy stands and absorbs all of the radioactive energy from the reactor. She screams as her entire body is infused with energy. When Mindy feels that she cannot take anymore, she yells out that she must end this, and then redirects the energy into a vent. Exhausted from the effort of absorbing so much energy, Mindy passes out.

Heroes Evolutions

A Hero's Quest

In Hiro's sixth blog post, "The Loft", Hiro reports on his findings in 1963. Hiro finds a puzzle in his father's files and the answer to the puzzle spells out "tmi" which stands for Three Mile Island.

In Hiro's seventh blog post, "Mindy Goes TMI", Hiro is checking on the incident at Three Mile Island in 1978. He looks at the executive offices and discovers that Adam Monroe had been working there. Hiro decides to go back 1978 to find out what exactly happened.

In Hiro's eighth blog post, "More Strange Video", Hiro reveals that he never went back to Three Mile Island because Ando talked him out of it.



  • In the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the island is the location of a secret holding facility for mutants undergoing experimentation, either in addition to or under the guise of a nuclear power plant. An experiment at the facility is Weapon XI, who was portrayed as a genetically altered Wade Wilson. He is also referred to as "Deadpool", due to having abilities "pooled" from many other mutants killed and/or kidnapped, including Wolverine's healing factor, Wraith's teleportation ability, and Chris Bradley's technopathy. Weapon-XI is the final antagonist, having been genetically altered to be the ultimate mutant killer. His head is cut off by Wolverine while his back is turned.


  • On March 29, 1979, there was a cooling system malfunction that caused a partial melt-down of the reactor core. This loss of coolant accident resulted in the release of a significant amount of radioactivity.

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