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Evan Face.jpg
First appearance Revolutionary War, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Cloning
Date of birth before 1777
Home Port Arlesburgh
Occupation Soldier

Evan is an evolved human with the power to replicate himself, who meets Adam Monroe after killing all of the inhabitants of Port Arlesburgh in 1777.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Revolutionary War, Part 1

In 1777, Adam Monroe, along with a shipload of mercenaries, arrive at Port Arlesburgh, and observe the town in flaming ruins. They drag a survivor out of the water, and he claims that the entire town was killed by one single man. Soon thereafter, Evan meets Adam and his mercenary associates, and gives them the opportunity to leave immediately, and their trespass will be forgiven. When questioned by Adam, Evan states emphatically that he is the one who cannot be killed. As the words finish coming out of his mouth, Adam runs Evan through with his sword. Immediately afterward, an army descends upon the mercenaries, shelling their ship, and engaging them in melee combat. While Adam is fighting and killing as many as possible, another Evan re-enters the combat, stabbing Adam with a bayonet, while at the same time being run-through a second time by Adam.

Graphic Novel:Revolutionary War, Part 2

The tale continues and Adam finds out that there is more than one Evan--he is able to clone himself into numerous copies. After thinking the clones will end once he kills the source, he goes on the search for the real Evan, but is unable to find him.

Evolved Human Abilities

Evan has the ability to clone himself, producing vast numbers of exact copies. These clones seem to grow out of his own body, in much the same way that Julien Dumont clones himself. (Revolutionary War, Part 2), (Root and Branch, Part 3)

Memorable Quotes

"How can you expect victory without help?"

- Evan (to Adam) (Revolutionary War, Part 2)

"Man was here before you. And he will be here after."

- Evan (to Adam) (Revolutionary War, Part 2)

"Has our lesson sunk in now? Do you see the futility of your pursuit? Of fighting alone? We are the people. Our strength united. And you... are alone."

- Evan (to Adam) (Revolutionary War, Part 2)

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