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Virginia on her bed.JPG
Virginia feels all alone.

At times, certain characters experience loneliness.

Episodic Recurrences


Don't Look Back

One Giant Leap

  • During his speech, Nathan, while explaining Peter's mental health to the press, states that "no-one should suffer alone".
  • At a Los Angeles bar, Matt hears the thoughts of a woman who wonders if anyone would notice if she just disappeared.

Seven Minutes to Midnight


  • Chandra cannot convince his friends nor family about his research.
  • Chandra quotes Darwin to Mohinder, saying that a scientific man ought to have a "heart of stone"--a choice to be alone to protect his son.

Six Months Ago

  • Charlie reveals to Hiro that she does not let people get close to her due to the blood clot in her brain.



  • Claude has spent years in solitary, only taking care of his pigeons.


  • Zane sits alone while waiting for Mohinder.
  • Hope believes she is on her own when talking on the phone.
  • Hiro is locked in a closet, but is rescued by Steve.


  • Gustavson tells Hiro that he works alone, as partners "screw you over".
  • Claude, aware that The Company has found him, goes back into hiding rather than helping Peter.
  • Hiro orders Ando to go home, as he must travel alone.


  • Isaac is alone after Peter leaves his loft after Simone is shot.
  • Sylar notes to Mohinder that he used to feel alone, and now he has hope.
  • Hiro and Nathan discuss doing their adventures alone in order to prevent people from being hurt.


Five Years Gone

The Hard Part

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Four Months Later...

  • Nathan feels as if he is the only one feeling sorrow for Peter's disappearance.
  • Claire is upset after her first day at her new high school, because she has to hide who she really is.

Out of Time


  • Elle tells Noah that she doesn't have anyone else to talk to.


I Am Sylar

Jump, Push, Fall

  • Noah tells Peter that "it's not healthy to live alone", suggesting himself as an example.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

  • Hiro tells Sylar that he will eventually die alone.

Let It Bleed

  • Lydia determines that Sylar, haunted by Hiro's prediction of the future, is searching for companionship.

Graphic Novel Recurrences

Recurring Themes edit

Character connectionsChild vs. parentDeathFaith and religionFamilyFate vs. free willHeroismIronyLogic vs. emotionLonelinessLoyalty vs. treacheryMoral ambiguityOne punch knockoutPressure of responsibilityRevengeSacrificeSecrets and deceptionSpecialWomen in Refrigerators

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