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Fumio Fukazawa

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Fumio Fukazawa
Fumio Fukazawa.jpg
First appearance Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Tokyo, Japan
Occupation leader of a biker gang
Significant other formerly Kimiko Nakamura
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Fumio Fukazawa (Japanese: 深澤文雄) is Kimiko Nakamura's ex-boyfriend and leads a gang of terrorizing Tokyo bikers.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 1

Fumio Fukazawa and his men confront Kimiko and Ando in front of Yamagato Industries.

Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 2

Ando, recognizing Fumio Fukazawa as a local gang leader, wonders why he and his cronies are brandishing swords and acting confrontationally. Kimiko tells Ando that she used to date Fukazawa, but later broke up with him. Fumio has been "spiraling into trouble ever since", and is now intent on getting what he wants: Kimiko. Fumio commands his men to chase Ando and Kimiko through the streets of Tokyo--they are to "get the girl and get rid of her friend". Fumio is momentarily slowed by an accidentally dropped helmet, but later catches up to his intended targets. He commands Kimiko to be with him, but suddenly retreats when he sees Kaito.

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