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Gravitational manipulation

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Gravitational manipulation
Stephen Canfield creates a deadly vortex.
Held by: Stephen Canfield (deceased)
Ability to: Create gravitational vacuums

Gravitational manipulation (also referred to as vortex creation and gravitational field manipulation) is the ability to create gravitational vacuums. The origin and endpoint of the vortices created by this ability remains unknown.



Stephen Canfield can create vortices in mid-air that vary in size from a few centimeters to nearly a meter in diameter. These vortices draw surrounding matter into themselves. Anything that enters one of these vortices immediately vanishes; where -- if anywhere -- such material goes is unknown.

Stephen can voluntarily create vortices by concentrating, but he can also spontaneously generate a vortex when he loses his temper. Once he creates a vortex, he can close it at will. He has not been seen to create a vortex more than a few meters away from his body, and in all instances they have formed within his line of sight.

In one instance, Stephen created a vortex and then left the vicinity. That vortex dissipated after approximately one minute; but it is not clear whether it spontaneously dissipated after a period of time, Stephen caused it to dissipate somehow, or it dissipated because he moved beyond a certain distance from it. When he created a vortex and disappeared into it, the vortex immediately dissipated.

Stephen can use this ability with relative accuracy, as when he created a small vortex to disarm Claire (Angels and Monsters).

The maximum amount of force that a vortex exerts on nearby objects is unclear. The strongest vortex that Stephen created was capable of pulling in the equivalent weight of an average teenage girl despite her resistance, and it could rip wooden boards out of a floor. Besides himself, Stephen caused at least one other person to vanish with his ability.

Stephen does not seem to be affected by the vortices he creates, but he can allow himself to be sucked into one if he so chooses. He has not been seen to create more than one vortex at a time.



  • According to the Heroes Interactive for episode Angels and Monsters, Stephen's vortices have a "dimensional pull". Thus, objects passing into one of Stephen's vortices would be sent into another dimension, but the condition of said objects after reaching the other side is unknown. It is also unknown as to whether all of the vortices pull to the same dimension.
  • Stephen has not demonstrated any ability to manipulate gravity for other effects.

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