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Theory:Gravitational manipulation

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The following fan theories are about Gravitational manipulation.

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Theory Citations Notes
Stephen's vortexes sends matter into the fourth dimension. None + It is stated that his vortexes send things into another dimension.

- Time is the fourth dimension, according to the commonly accepted theory.

+ Another accepted theory is that the fourth dimension is a higher plane of space.
You could just as easily say he sends matter into the fifth dimension.
The fourth dimension is a matter of names. In this case, "the fourth dimension" refers to the fourth spatial dimension.

It is not known for a fact what the fourth dimension is.

Spatially, the first 13 dimensions are known.
Stephen's vortexes actually send people and objects into a alternate or parallel universe instead of killing them. None + The terms universe and dimension are often confused, and being sent to another universe makes more sense than being sent to another dimension.

- Although they might have survived a massive vortex, Stephen's were too small to fit an adult sized human (his only victims). Presumably, anybody sent through was crushed.
- If this is true, he could have realized this right after his supposed suicide and transported himself back.
+ Considering that he had just attempted suicide, he had very little motivation to return to his life, perhaps he liked this alternate reality better.
- The ability to send things to another space and bring them back doesn't seem to work like Stephen's ability.

The vortexes are wormholes leading to real places within the common Heroes universe. None + Having no knowledge of this fact, Stephen may be sending items and people to remote places on Earth or even outer space. Outer space would explain the vacuum/explosive decompression like sucking effect.
- The heavy gravitational pull of a wormhole is more likely the cause of the decompression effect.
Stephen's vortexes send people and objects into a different time instead of making them disappear. None + Admitting that time is the fourth dimension, his vortexes would transport people and things in a different set of time (future/past) which makes them 'disappear' for the people in the 'present' where Stephen is.
Stephen's vortexes are simply black holes--extremely powerful gravity wells--and simply crush anything caught inside them to submicroscopic size, destroying and/or killing them. The vortexes shown (specifically the large one inside the Canfields' house) have been shown to act similarly to known black holes--sucking in any matter within its event horizon with inescapable force, and nullifying the laws of gravity upon said objects. + Heroes has a history of adhering to scientific principle when pertaining to extranormal abilities. It stands to reason that an ability called "gravitational manipulation" would follow set physical laws, rather than create new ones (by having the vortexes become gateways to another dimension).

- Because their gravity is strong enough to affect light, looking at a black hole results in a contorted view of the area behind it, not the hole itself.

It is possible that the producers of the show did not know this information.

Where does all that matter go?

In a real black hole? Good question. Since black holes are one-dimensional, they kind of screw over most scientific laws.

A dark hole compresses matter into a near infinitely small volume which means after the gravitational effect dissipates the super compressed ball of matter would be free to fall to the center of the earth without anyone noticing.

Hawking radiation?
Stephen's vortexes simply disintegrated all matter that contacted it. None + This would explain the disappearance of people and things caught within his vortices.
+ If he created black holes, then each vortex's dispersal would be accompanied by a blast of radiation. If it just disintegrated whatever touched it, then no radiation would be produced.
If someone with space-time manipulation gets sucked up because of this ability, he would be able to teleport away and go back to the normal world. None + This ability sends matter to an unknown place, and people with space-time manipulation are able to teleport anywhere they want to.
- It isn't clear if this ability sends matter anywhere, but it's likely vortices disintegrate it.
This power is a form of space-time manipulation. None + Wormholes are capable of distorting space and time.
- Wormholes only manipulate space and time from the outer edge and the inside.
- It's just a theory that wormholes distort space and time. Nobody has ever tried to get anywhere near a wormhole, so it hasn't been confirmed.
Wormholes themselves only exist in theory.

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