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The Canfields' home

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The Canfields' home
The Canfields' house.jpg
Location: Los Feliz, CA
Purpose: Residence

The Canfields' home is located in Los Angeles.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Angels and Monsters

After Stephen escapes from Level 5, he takes refuge here, only to discover it has been abandoned. He calls his wife's sister, trying to find out her whereabouts, then suddenly is tasered by Claire. When he comes to, he creates a vortex that sucks Claire's taser away, leaving her defenseless, then forces her to hear him out. After handing her a Pinehearst card he found, he talks about his life and problems and Claire begins to empathize with him. When Noah and Sylar burst in, Stephen creates a large vortex and escapes, leaving Claire, Noah, and Sylar to fight against it. Just as Claire is being sucked in, Sylar grabs her arm and saves her. The vortex disappears, leaving a large hole in the living room floor, and they all get to their feet and leave after an exchange of words.

The Eclipse, Part 1

In an attempt to keep her out of harm's way, Noah takes Claire to the Canfields' home. Noah begins to train Claire in self-defense techniques, using wooden planks from the damaged floor as weapons. Meanwhile Elle and Sylar track her down, by figuring Noah would take her there to hide. The eclipse occurs just as Elle and Sylar arrive, interrupting Noah and Claire's training. After a scuffle Elle points a gun at Noah and fires. Claire, unknowingly without her ability, jumps in front of the bullet and falls. Enraged, Noah knocks out Elle and dislocates Sylar's arm, then carries the injured Claire away. Later, while Elle and Sylar recover, they discuss their ability loss and begin to kiss. Noah is watching them from outside through his rifle's sights.

The Eclipse, Part 2

After making love on the floor, Elle and Sylar are shot at by a vengeful Noah. As they hide, he bursts through the door. Noah and Elle shoot at each other, then Sylar pulls her out the back door. Noah clips Elle in her thigh and they flee out to the alley with Noah on their heels.


  • The Canfields' home is number 336.


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