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Gretchen's computer

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Gretchen's computer
Claire searches Gretchen's laptop.jpg
Claire searches Gretchen's laptop.

First mentioned: Hysterical Blindness
Owned by: Gretchen Berg
Current status: In Claire's dorm, in working state

Claire peeks at Gretchen's computer.


Hysterical Blindness

Gretchen goes to the restroom and one of her books falls on the floor. When Claire goes to pick it up, she notices that it turned on Gretchen's laptop. Claire begins to look and notices that Gretchen has been searching for information about Claire, including photos of Claire, the Costa Verde High School web page, and articles on the "jump, push, fall" theory and murder-suicide. Claire quickly closes the laptop as Gretchen comes back.


Gretchen and Claire try to find information on Becky, but they fail to find anything useful.


  • Gretchen says she Googles Claire. However, she actually uses a search engine called Finder-Spyder is a commonly used fictional search engine which appears in numerous television shows and movies.
  • Gretchen's computer shows that Claire has a "sign up" profile. The look and feel of "sign up" is similar to Facebook, the popular social networking website where users can create profiles, upload images, share information, and chat with other users.
  • Claire's "sign up" profile has a message from Becky which incorrectly calls the sorority Psi Alpha Chi as "Alpha Chi Delta".


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