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Space-time bridge

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Space-time bridge
Space-time bridge.jpg
Tommy sits in a space-time bridge created by Renautas.

First mentioned: The Lion's Den
Owned by: Renautas
Current status: Inactive

The space-time bridge is a bridge through space-time built by Renautas that connects 2015 to the Gateway of 9972. It has been powered by the abilities of Hiro Nakamura and Tommy Clark.


The Lion's Den

Richard Schwenkman displays the bridge to Erica Kravid by successfully sending a seed box to Gateway in the future through the bridge. Erica is pleased, saying that they have harvested many abilities but this one is the most important.

Game Over

Renautas scientists continue to use the bridge to send crates to the future, nearly sending Ren Shimosawa who snuck in through one of the crates. Before he can be sent through the bridge, Noah Bennet and Quentin Frady enter the control room and threaten Richard Schwenkman who orders the scientists to use the bridge to flee. After being shot in the foot by Noah, Richard explains that they are using the space-time bridge to send things to the future. Richard explains that Erica Kravid is building a better world for a select few there. Noah realizes that Renautas has harnessed Hiro Nakamura's power to form the bridge like they did by turning Molly Walker's power into E.P.I.C. Quentin is impressed that Renautas has been able to create a time machine while Noah demands to be taken to Hiro. Richard explains that in order to harness Hiro's power to create the bridge, they had to trap him in a place with no time or space: the video game Evernow.

June 13th, Part One

Hachiro Otomo approaches Hiro Nakamura about using his abilities to help build a space-time bridge to send supplies into the future. When Hiro refuses, Hachiro traps him in the video game Evernow to force his compliance.

11:53 to Odessa

After kidnapping Tommy Clark, Erica Kravid tells him about the space-time bridge and how with it inactive, her people are trapped in the future. Erica has Tommy take her to the future to see Gateway for himself so he will know what they are trying to build and where they will be sending people through the bridge.

A construct of Hachiro Otomo meets with Ren Shimosawa and tells him he needs to get to the future to rescue Miko. To get there, the construct tells Ren there's a bridge between the present and the future in Gateway in Odessa, Texas and he needs to find a way to "be sent with the others." Ren is confused by the instructions, but later sees an advertisement for Gateway on a bus to Odessa and boards it.

Send in the Clones

After Tommy returns them to the Gateway of the present in Odessa, Texas, Erica Kravid takes him to see a control chair for the space-time bridge. Erica and Richard Schwenkman explain that the bridge will harness and amplify his power, sending it through the conduits around them and sending everyone wearing a transport watch to the future. As they get started on hooking Tommy up to the machine, Erica gets a call from Harris Prime about Miko Otomo being at Sunstone Manor and she realizes Tommy is playing both sides. She decides to keep going though and pushes Hachiro Otomo to rebuild the Eternal Fortress of Evernow so she can trap Tommy and have full control over him.

Company Woman

Erica instructs Tommy to use the bridge to transport a group of a dozen people from the Gateway of the present to the Gateway of the future, telling him they'll send the rest in the morning. Throughout the night, Tommy transports people through the bridge to the future Gateway until he discovers Richard Schwenkman talking about the minimum number of people they need to save to continue humanity. Tommy realizes he was lied to and teleports away.

Tommy takes his mother to see the H.E.L.E. future and Gateway to discuss his options with her. Though his great-grandmother's prophecy shows Tommy and his sister saving the world, Tommy lacks confidence in his ability to do so while he can ensure humanity lives on by saving as many people as he can through the bridge. Anne tells him of how much his father believed in him as well as her and restores his confidence to save the world.

At Union Wells High School, Hachiro Otomo uses his ability to trap Tommy in the video game world of Evernow where Renautas will be able to harvest his powers without his consent. After Hachiro transports Tommy into the Eternal Fortress, restoring Renautas control over the bridge, he is tranquilized so he can't stop them.

Project Reborn

With the first wave of the H.E.L.E. only minutes away, Erica Kravid makes a broadcast to the residents of Gateway about what they are about to do and orders Richard Schwenkman to activate the bridge. In the Eternal Fortress of Evernow, a cable plugs into Tommy's neck and taps into his power. On Erica's command, the space-time bridge transports the thousands of people wearing a transport watch from Gateway 2015 to Gateway 9972. Everyone emerges from Gateway to find that the bridge did its work and sent everyone into the distant future.

After Tommy is rescued from Evernow by Ren Shimosawa, Erica tries to make him decide between the present and the future. Erica tells him that the world they are in now only exists because the H.E.L.E. happened and if Tommy changes the past, that world and everything in it, including everyone transported by Tommy through the bridge, will cease to exist. Tommy realizes he can split himself in two to save both worlds and freezes time before splitting himself. One Tommy goes back in time to stop the H.E.L.E. in the present while the other Tommy remains in the future to save everyone in Gateway. The future Tommy teleports everyone in the Gateway Control Room except Erica Kravid back to the present before turning his attention to the space-time bridge. To ensure Erica can't follow them back, Tommy cuts off Erica's transport watch with the Kensei sword. Tommy then seats himself in the control chair and unfreezes time. After Erica turns to look at him, Tommy gives her a mocking salute and activates the space-time bridge in reverse before merging himself with his other self. Erica screams in horror as everyone in Gateway wearing a transport watch is sent back through the space-time bridge to the present.

When Tommy, Malina and Noah Bennet stop the H.E.L.E. and change the future, Erica Kravid ceases to exist as Tommy intended as does anyone in Gateway who was not wearing a transport watch and thus were not returned to the present through the bridge.

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