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Transport watch

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Transport watch
Transport watch.jpg
Matt receives three transport watches for his family.

First mentioned: Send in the Clones
Owned by: Renautas
Current status: Unknown

The transport watch is a piece of technology created by Renautas to transport anyone wearing it through the space-time bridge.


Send in the Clones

Richard Schwenkman shows Tommy a transport watch which he tells Tommy has been given to people around the world. Once the space-time bridge is activated at full power, anyone wearing the watches will be transported through the bridge.

Company Woman

Tommy starts transporting small groups of people through the bridge on Erica's orders using the watches.

Matt Parkman threatens the lives of Taylor Kravid and her unborn child to get Erica to give him three watches for him and his family. However, as Matt drives home, he crashes his car and his watch is destroyed while the other two are washed away in the river.

Tommy later visits Emily Duval and reminds her to make sure to get her watch. Though Tommy has doubts about Erica's plan, he tells Emily he sees it as the only chance to save the human race.

After using the bridge again, Tommy overhears Richard discussing the fact that they only plan to save around 12,000 people at most, not everyone they can as Erica had told Tommy. Tommy teleports away to get his mother for advice.

Project Reborn

After Tommy is captured in the Eternal Fortress of Evernow, Erica Kravid has Richard Schwenkman activate the space-time bridge. The bridge transports the thousands of people wearing the watches throughout Gateway to the Gateway located in the year 9972.

After freezing time and splitting himself in two, Tommy teleports everyone in the Gateway control room back to the present save Erica Kravid. Tommy then draws the Kensei sword and cuts Erica's watch off her wrist. Unfreezing time, Tommy mockingly salutes Erica before reversing the space-time bridge and transporting everyone wearing the watch back to 2015. As Tommy cut off her watch, Erica is left behind in the future. Without being transported back through time through the watch, Erica is erased from existence along with the H.E.L.E. future when its changed by Tommy, Malina and Noah Bennet.

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