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Chadspear, England

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Chadspear, England
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Language(s) Spoken: English

A big gym in Chadspear, England, is the cover for a Primatech field office.

Notable Locations

  • Primatech Forward Operating Facility 14

Notable Visitors


Heroes Evolutions

Operation Splinter

In chapter 1 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Primatech contracted player heads to a big gym in Chadspear, England, four kilometers outside of London. The gym is crowded with people and exercise equipment. The player heads to the back of the building, where there is a "VIP Members Only" door. The player passes through to an elevator, and steps inside. The elevator has no buttons, only a security camera in the ceiling. When the doors open, the player has arrived at Primatech Forward Operating Facility 14 and is briefed by Primatech Agent Jeremy Woo.


  • There is no city or town of Chadspear, England, in reality.

iStory Locations edit

Chadspear, EnglandGhanaf, IraqIranLyneboro, CT

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