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iStory:Friend or Foe/Operation Splinter

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Friend or Foe/Operation Splinter
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Operation Splinter is the first volume of the Primatech iStory.

First mentioned: November 8, 2008

Operation Splinter is the first iStory (or "Interactive Story") in the Friend or Foe volume for users that choose to complete a mission contract with Primatech Executive Services. The following summaries are for each chapter and explain what must happen in order for the reader to complete the mission successfully.

Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Operation Splinter (released 11/8/2008)

Meanwhile, Primatech was about to capture the Kill Squad, a splinter group of former Primatech personnel with a lethal grudge against people with abilities, when an unidentified third party interfered. Now Primatech must go outside the Company to get to the truth...

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Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Operation Splinter (released 11/19/2008)

The Kill Squad has struck again, and one of Primatech's secret facilities is in shambles. But Primatech Executive Services has turned up evidence that not all is as it seems. Intelligence Chief Jeremy Woo calls on a contractor to expose the truth about what really happened that night.

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Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Operation Splinter (released 11/26/2008)

Primatech finally has the Kill Squad in its sights. As the murderous villains plant bombs in the apartment of unsuspecting Maya Herrera, Task Force KS6 moves in for the kill. But the escaped villain Red Eye has his own, horrific plan for revenge that could ruin everything. One contractor is the only obstacle in his path...

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Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Operation Splinter (released 12/3/2008)

The disastrous battle against Red Eye and the Kill Squad in New York City has netted two captives, and Primatech is desperate to find out what they know. The Primatech contractor is sent to investigate Red Eye's former residence, where the truth about Red Eye will be revealed at last..

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Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Operation Splinter (released 12/10/2008)

The end of Operation Splinter is in sight. A massive Primatech army of P.E.S. Operations agents and contractors heads to Alaska in an all-out bid to locate Kill Squad's secret compound and destroy the group once and for all...

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Operation Splinter (released 12/17/2008)

As war rages in the town below, the two contractors track Red Eye, Anna, and the Kill Squad to a nearby dam. But when they arrive, they find the dam strangely silent. The new allies must piece together what is happening at the dam and how to stop it ... in less than five minutes....

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  • The first iStory chapter for Operation Splinter, Chapter 101, was released on Saturday, November 8, 2008.
  • Operation Splinter shares the same final sixth chapter as Operation Bad Blood since the Pinehearst and Primatech contractors are working together. The last chapter is numbered as 106 (in the 100's like the other Operation Splinter chapters), but the player plays only as the Pinehearst contracted player.
  • The optimal ending of iStory "Friend or Foe" differs from the official ending presented in the graphic novels Red Eye, Part 1 and Part 2 and chapter 4 of The Private. See Operation Splinter/chapter 106 alternatives for a complete listing of all options and outcomes for the final chapter.

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  • For chapter summaries of the first Pinehearst iStory in the "Friend or Foe" volume, see Operation Bad Blood.

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