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Language(s) Spoken: Farsi/Persian
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After being captured, Rachel Mills is taken to somewhere in Iran.

Notable Locations

  • A bunch of boxy, metal buildings outside town
  • A compound and mess hall
  • A small village and medical facility

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Heroes Evolutions

The Private

In chapter 2 of The Private, Rachel Mills is brought to and dumped in a cylindrical dirt pit with walls about fifteen feet high. Her pit is small enough for her to touch both sides at the same time, and has enough mud to cover her up to her knees. She hears a men, women and kids conversing in a nearby small village. At sunset, after spending about twelve hours in the pit, the mud has risen up to Rachel's chest. A rope ladder is lowered down to her and someone says something in Farsi. Rachel then climbs the ladder and sees just a couple of guys and a woman, tribespeople. Behind the three people in front of her is the small village she has been hearing. The village has many low buildings and lots of civilians in jeans and robes walking its dirt streets. Above the roofline, Rachel spots a bunch of boxy, metal buildings outside town.

One of the men asks Rachel to follow them, and they lead her to a mess hall, where she sits on the bare floor. An Arab calling himself Harry arrives and questions Rachel, using the mess hall's only chair to sit on, while the other two men hang out by the door. Speaking in a British-accented English, Harry informs Rachel that she is in Iran and that there is an army medical facility in town. After finishing questioning Rachel, Harry signals the two men and they bring her back to her pit.

Rachel find there is a man in the pit with her. He says his name is Jim and appears to be an American, but not military, and has a bloody bandage covering his bare chest. Jim allows Rachel to squat down next to him and they converse briefly. Then, Ammar shows up at Rachel's pit, claiming her captors plan to kill her and offers to help her escape, but without Jim. Jim then whispers his own plan to Rachel.

After Ammar comes back that night and helps them Rachel and Jim escape the camp, Rachel knocks Ammar out with her fist. Looking back, Rachel spots their pit in a fenced-off clearing behind them and sees other pits half-dug nearby. Rachel and Jim then flee using Ammar's motorcycle, which was parked between two low storage buildings. They drive for a couple minutes, then pull off and climb to the top of a nearby hill to check for pursuit. Reaching the top of the hill, Rachel says that she's thirsty and they've got quite a drive ahead of them, noting that it felt like their captors had taken her hundreds of miles. However, they then encounter four U.S. Special Forces fighters that have been monitoring the facility Rachel and Jim escaped from. Two hours later, Rachel is briefed with Jim by the Special Forces lieutenant while resting between a couple boulders. The officer informs them that the Special Forces squad has received orders to destroy the prison camp.

In chapter 3 of The Private, the Special Forces lieutenant, Sam, briefs Rachel and Jim that he expects that Iranian forces may come quickly when they set off the charges, so they should be prepared to run. Sam then leads his squad in sneaking down to assault the main facility while Rachel and Jim watch from a rocky hill. The main building dominates the facility, one set of doors on the front and two sentries sit on rocks nearby. Rachel and Jim spot someone exit a hidden door around the corner from the front entrance, but are unable to warn the Special Forces squad. The squad takes out the sentries, but do not see the man in a lab coat that left through the hidden door. They take point around the front entrance and are killed in an explosion when Sam grabs the handle to the front door.

Rachel then takes off running toward Sam's body and Jim runs away from the facility, though Jim doubles back when he see Rachel is not with him. Jim reaches Rachel near Sam's body and tries to convince her to flee with him, but she knees him to the ground when he grabs her arm. Rachel gives Jim instructions to try to radio for help, then grabs some of Sam's gear and heads inside by herself to finish the squad's mission. Some time later, Rachel is still inside the facility and hears rumbling sounds outside she thinks are caused by heavy trucks pulling around the facility.

In chapter 4 of The Private, Rachel's interviewer details how Rachel actually escaped Iran using information Jim told his organization. The interviewer notes that she found Jim on the hill, and then they made their way toward the border. However, on the way, they were met by a helicopter hired by Jim's employer. The interviewer also notes that officially, they crossed the Iraq-Iran border, attacked an Iranian army convoy and were captured.

The Agent

In chapter 2 of The Agent, Rachel Mills mourns the deaths she had witnessed when learning she has a new partner. While mourning, she recalls that a young officer in the Special Forces squad that attacked the biological warfare compound was named Eric.


  • It is not said exactly where in Iran that Rachel Mills is held. However, in chapter 2 of The Private, Ammar claims that it is a one to two days drive to the Iraqi border via his motorcycle, meaning they are in the western portion of Iran. Ammar doesn't specify if the two-day time period is just due to actual distance, or if he is also factoring in other things such as mountainous terrain, time spent in hiding, or detours necessary for refueling.
  • The main official language of Iran is Farsi/Persian. However, Iran's constitution also recognizes certain regional languages including Azeri, Kurdish, Mazandarani, and Gilaki.
  • Hesam's family is from Iran. (A Clear and Present Danger)


  • Iran is officially known as the Islamic Republic of Iran. It was internationally known as Persia until 1935.
  • In terms of area, Iran is the eighteenth largest country of the world.
  • The populous western portion of Iran is the most mountainous, with ranges such as the Caucasus, Zagros and Alborz Mountains. Iran's highest point is Mount Damavand at 5,610 m (18,405 ft) in the Alborz mountains. Mount Damavand is not only the country's highest peak, but is also the highest mountain on the Eurasian landmass west of the Hindu Kush mountain range.

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