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Jeremy Woo

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Jeremy Woo
Jeremy Woo.jpg
First appearance Operation Splinter
Debut November 8, 2008
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death March 2007
Occupation Director of Primatech Executive Services's Intelligence Division

Jeremy Woo was the the hard-driving, obsessive director of Primatech Executive Services' Intelligence Division. He was feared and respected by his agents and contractors and even his superiors.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Splinter

In chapter 1 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, Jeremy sends the player alone on a reconnaissance mission to find out more about the attack of the Kill Squad on Elle Bishop in London. He directs the player to investigate a car rental agency that rented out a van that exploded during the incident. Later, Agent Woo receives a call from the player, and he uses speakerphone to allow Marie Dunn of Operations to direct the player's next investigation. At the end of the day, Agent Woo visits the player's hotel room, takes the player's cell phone photos and informs the player that the Kill Squad has fled the country and that KS6 is right on their tail. He adds that he will need some work done the Kill Squad's next target, Maya, so to keep a look out for a new email.

In chapter 2 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the player meets with Jeremy Woo, Tim Pope, and Marie Dunn in a corn field of a farm in upstate New York. Jeremy helps to brief the player on what they think happened in the farm house detention facility, and then directs the player to go inside and investigate further. Later, Jeremy is with Tim and Marie being briefed by an agent in a Command tent in the field. Jeremy spots the player come into the tent, and asks for a report. After Jeremy learns from the player that Red Eye is likely to go after the Kill Squad during their attack on Maya, and that Task Force KS6 is in danger too, he reaches for his phone.

In chapter 3 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, Jeremy receives a phone call from the player while the player is in a car chase with Red Eye. He puts the phone on speaker so Tim Pope and Marie Dunn can also listen and talk. Jeremy first advises the player not to intercept Red Eye but not let him get out of the player's sight. Jeremy notes when he thinks Red Eye is getting too close to Maya's apartment. Later, after Red Eye escapes the player's pursuit, Jeremy receives a call from the player and makes sure the player gets Marie's orders to join them at Maya's apartment in New York City.

In chapter 4 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, in a Primatech interrogation facility, Jeremy watches Anna's interrogation through a one-way window of an observation room. He comments to the player that she must know something and that Anna still needs to let them know to stop them no matter how scared she is of what she has seen.

Jeremy then spots and greets Angela Petrelli. He asks if Angela wants him to end the interrogation, but she orders Jeremy to let it continue. Jeremy then instructs the player to head back to Red Eye's former apartment and take the place apart with an agent Tim Pope is sending to assist.

In chapter 5 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, Jeremy rides with Marie Dunn, Tim Pope, and the Primatech contractor in a convoy headed to the town of Rowland, Alaska inside the Neshwa Indian Reservation. On the ride, Jeremy talks with the others about the unknowns of their mission. After arriving, Jeremy and the Primatech contracted player go to the main street and talk about the cold weather. They then enter a local tavern and ask the bartender, a wilderness tour guide and an INS agent for information. Having gotten some leads, Jeremy and the player leave the tavern and radio back to the command post outside town. Receiving instructions from Tim to follow their leads, the two find a birthday party from one lead and an abandoned bus in the next. Breaking into the bus, they find a boarding pass and then get questioned by a couple more INS agents. Jeremy quivers while the player talks them out of the situation. The third lead takes them to a storage building in a train station. After breaking in a side entrance, they discover some missing explosives and encounter a local cop that gives them directions to a warehouse Jeremy thinks must be the Kill Squad's headquarters.

Chapter 5 continues with Jeremy ordering the player to radio the others about their discovery. Marie and Tim then meet Jeremy and the Primatech contracted player in the basement of the Kill Squad's headquarters. While they are inside, someone begins an assault on the building and Primatech ends up surrendering to them per the Primatech player's advice. However, the player's later discovery that at least one of them appears to be Kill Squad causes a gunfight to break out and Jeremy to lunge for cover.

The Private

In chapter 2 of The Private in the iStory, Jim tells Rachel Mills that Jeremy Woo is his boss, and that Jeremy persuaded him to follow orders to wander around Iraq by himself.

In chapter 4 of The Private in the iStory, Jim tells Rachel that Jeremy Woo was killed when terrorists blew up a dam near where they were working.

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