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Haitian soldier (II)

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Haitian soldier
Haitian soldier (II).jpg
Portrayed by Jean-Pierre Vertus
First appearance The Eclipse, Part 1
In-story stats
Formal name Unknown
Home Haiti
Occupation Soldier

A Haitian soldier is Baron Samedi's underling.

Character History

The Eclipse, Part 1

The soldier chases Nathan, Peter, and the Haitian through a jungle in Haiti. With the help of another soldier, they corner Nathan. When Baron Samedi arrives, he takes the soldier's gun and knocks Nathan out with it. The soldier takes Nathan away, as ordered.

The Eclipse, Part 2

The soldier enters a jail with Baron Samedi and points his gun at Nathan. The soldier pushes Nathan back down to the ground when Nathan stands up, angry that another soldier is taking one of his cellmates away. Later, the soldier fights Peter, but is defeated by the Haitian and the Petrelli brothers.


  • According to the casting call, the Haitian soldier is between the ages of 18 and 32.

See Also

  • For the other soldier from Haiti who is also one of Samedi's underlings, see Haitian soldier (I).

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