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Betty's high school

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Betty's high school
Candice's high school exterior.jpg
Location: Unknown
Purpose: High school

Betty does not like her high school.

Notable Locations

  • The cafeteria
  • Chemistry classroom
  • Entrance roadway
  • Front entrance
  • Gymnasium
  • Hallways
  • Men's locker room
  • The parking lot
  • A women's bathroom

Notable Staff

Notable Students


Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 1

In the bathroom of the high school, Betty eavesdrops on three cheerleaders talking badly about her and others. She makes one of the girls appear to develop acne, boils, and rotting skin. Later, Betty and her friend cross the "lunchroom gauntlet" and commiserate over the difficulties of being unpopular in the school.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 2

In the boy's locker room, Crash is driven insane by one of Betty's illusions. Betty, disguised as a girl named Mallory, tells the three cheerleaders that Crash may have gotten what he deserves. As rumors begin to spread, the whole school begins to believe that Ren Metzger was responsible. One of Crash's buddies, a black-haired jock, decides to plot revenge after discussing the matter with his locker room collegues.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 3

Betty walks out of class when her teacher announces that Ren Metzger was beaten and put in the hospital.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 4

The school PA system announces that it is ten minutes before the Homecoming pep rally, and for all students to report to the gymnasium. Betty listens in as the black-haired jock is talking with four cheerleaders. The black-haired jock admits to them that he was involved in what happened to Ren Metzger, but blames Ren for his own fall down the hill and subsequent death. The redhead cheerleader tells the black-haired jock to remember his priorities, forget about what happened, and accompany her to the pep rally.

After a high school administrator convenes the pep rally and the cheer squad begins to rally, Betty creates mass illusions that scatter the students and frighten the faculty. After the illusions fade, the students and faculty are still in shock from what happened. As police and emergency rescue vehicles arrive to the school, Betty leaves it for good.


  • While the name of the high school has not been revealed, in a locker scene a student is shown wearing a letterman jacket with a capital R embroidered on it, and the final novel in the Betty series reveals the school's mascot to be the Buffalo. (Betty, Parts 2 and 4)
  • According to Chandra's list, Candice's location is Clayton, NY. It is unknown whether this is the location of Candice's high school or not. Incidentally, the only high school in the real-life Clayton, NY, is Thousand Islands High School , and their mascot is the Vikings, not the Buffaloes.


  • The school is getting ready for a pep rally and Homecoming Dance.
  • The stall Betty hides in has the words "Mouse wuz [sic] here" written on it. Mouse is the nickname of one of Ryan Odagawa's friends.


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