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The list

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The list
List items.jpg
The list appears on Chandra Suresh's computer.

First mentioned: Homecoming
Owned by: Chandra Suresh
Current status: Mohinder Suresh's copy is destroyed; others may exist

The list is a list of 36 names of suspected evolved humans as identified by Chandra Suresh.

The List

List map.jpg
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  • Some names have been extrapolated from an incomplete fragment (Diego Vela, Charlie Andrews)
  • Curtis Hovsepian's location is listed as "Grant Pass, OR". This is probably a typographical error for Grants Pass, OR.
  • The location or status of the characters is as it appears on the list at the time Mohinder discovered it in Homecoming. Some characters have relocated or died since the list was discovered.

Others on the List

Other evolved humans are mentioned as being on the list but their names are not shown.


One Giant Leap

Mohinder finds Chandra's journal at the Brooklyn residence. Inside the journal, there is a list of names of people that presumably have special abilities. Sylar's name and address are among the listed.


After his encounters with Sanjog Iyer, Mohinder Suresh returns to his father's office at Chennai University still questioning whether he should continue with his father's research. The algorithm is still scrolling on the computer screen, overlaid with the "Do You Want to Quit?" prompt. Ultimately, Mohinder selects "no" and is asked for a password. After a few tries, he enters "Shanti", his dead sister's name. At once, the algorithm vanishes, and is replaced by a list of identified evolved humans and their locations—several of whom are marked as "deceased".

Six Months Ago

Chandra Suresh arrives in New York, NY, and uses his list to track down the evolved humans. When attempting to contact Claire Bennet to inform her of her power, Chandra talks with Mr. Bennet, who is not pleased. Chandra's first positive test case was Gabriel Gray, who promises to work with Chandra to help him locate other evolved humans.


At Mohinder's apartment in New York City, Mohinder speaks to someone on the phone and says that he faxed the list of evolved humans to "Quantico" yesterday. He appears worried, and asks why the people on the list haven't been warned, since six of them have already been killed by Sylar. Mohinder gets frustrated when the person he is talking with doesn't take the issue seriously enough and he hangs up. Mohinder finds a Post-it note with Isaac's name and address on it.


In his apartment in New York City, Mohinder encounters Mr. Bennet. He asks if Bennet is there to get the list, which he says his father compiled using data from the Human Genome Project. Bennet asks if Mohinder will participate in his project to keep people who don't deserve special powers from abusing them, but Mohinder refuses. Bennet gives Mohinder a business card to use "when" he changes his mind.

The Fix

Nathan Petrelli pays a visit to Mohinder in his apartment. Mohinder tells Nathan that Chandra found 36 people containing the genetic makeup characteristic of evolved humans. He tells Nathan that Peter may be the most important person on the list.


From his apartment, Mohinder calls many people on the list. Only one person, Zane Taylor returns his phone call. At Zane's home, Mohinder tells Sylar (whom Mohinder thinks is Zane) that he is searching for as many special people as he can find; Sylar asks to accompany Mohinder.


Sylar (posing as Zane Taylor) and Mohinder go to Bozeman, MT, to meet Dale Smither. They tell her Chandra's list, and that her name was added to it after her donated blood was used in the Human Genome Project. Later, Sylar and Mohinder discuss contacting more people from the list.


Mohinder grows fatigued, so Sylar offers to contact people from the list. He begins with Isaac Mendez, but the line is busy. Sylar says he'll get Isaac later. Later, Mohinder makes a breakthrough on the key to the algorithm. He believes that with this new information, he can create a new list and possibly save those already on the list. An anxious Sylar, with tears in his eyes, screams that he wants to "sink [his] teeth in" to the list.


Following a Sylar-Peter showdown, the computer that houses the list is destroyed.

Memorable Quotes

"You say your father compiled this list?"

"Yes, he was a geneticist. All the people on the list share a unique genetic marker that he was able to map and track using the Human Genome Project."

- FBI agent, Mohinder Suresh (Godsend)

"Why are you so worried? Are you on the list?"

- Noah Bennet (to Mohinder Suresh) (Godsend)

"Give me that damn list so I can sink my teeth in!"

- Sylar (to Mohinder Suresh) (Parasite)


"Who's on the list is a matter of grave importance."


  • One of the names on the list is David Berman, which is the name of the actor who portrays Brian Davis in the show.
  • Amid Halebi, the name of the Engineer from the original unaired pilot episode is also mentioned on the list.
  • Curtis Hovsepian is listed as being from "Grant Pass, OR". Since there is no Grant Pass in Oregon, this should probably read "Grants Pass, OR".
  • In The Fix, Mohinder Suresh states that the list contains thirty-six names. However, the thirty-four names shown, plus the names of those confirmed as being on the list like Peter, total forty-three names. However, if the names marked as deceased are excluded, those confirmed to be on the list total less than thirty-six names.
  • The French version of the Activating Evolution website featured a shorter and unrestricted version of the list.


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