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Hiro Nakamura's apartment (Midland)

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Hiro Nakamura's apartment (Midland)
Location: Midland, TX
Purpose: Apartment

While staying in Midland, TX, Hiro Nakamura rents an apartment.

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Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

After getting a new job at Burnt Toast Diner on April 25, 2006, Hiro tells Lynette that he is staying at the Midland Motor Lodge. Charlie insists that Hiro find an apartment. She quickly lists all the available apartments she memorized from the newspaper, including the one Hiro ends up renting at 40 Progress Street. (Chapter 9)

That afternoon, Hiro and Charlie go apartment hunting. The landlord, Mr. Roiz, tells them the apartment is a little small, but the rent is affordable. Hiro notes that the apartment is barely the size of his cubicle at Yamagato Industries. Despite some of the apartment's drawbacks (a bed that takes up half the room, outdated furniture, a tiny dorm fridge with a microwave balanced on top, shelves made of plywood, thick layers of dust, a bathroom down the hall, a television set that requires pliers to change the channel), Hiro likes the apartment. He takes the name of the street (Progress Street) as a positive sign. Hiro invites Charlie over for a housewarming at the end of the week. (Chapter 11)

Charlie arrives at the apartment for a housewarming. Hiro has frozen time many times to get the apartment ready. His apartment in Tokyo was always filthy, but Hiro wanted to his Midland apartment to be clean. Since he leased the place, Hiro has painted shelves, added sleek chairs and a midget-sized table, painted the walls, added a bamboo floor covering, and replaced the ancient television set. (Chapter 12)

Charlie gives Hiro a waffle iron as a housewarming gift, which Hiro balances on top of the microwave. The two sit together on the bed in his tiny apartment and talk. At one point Hiro considers running down the hallway to the bathroom to hide his arousal, but opts for covering himself with a pillow instead. (Chapter 13)

Charlie and Hiro continue their housewarming by eating pizza, drinking wine, and talking at Hiro's table. At the end of the evening, Charlie leaves, and Hiro lingers at the door. (Chapter 14)

Hiro chides himself on spending two months and not making any progress saving Charlie, and only having a "crappy apartment" to show for it. (Chapter 17)

Charlie and Hiro drive to Hiro's apartment and talk about Charlie's enhanced memory. They park outside and Mr. Roiz thinks they are making out, but they are just talking. (Chapter 26)

After going to the hospital, Hiro invites Charlie to his house. (Chapter 32)

Hiro and Charlie watch Varsity Blues, then get ready to spend the evening together. While Charlie changes, Hiro fluffs the pillows, switches the pillowcases, and flips the sheets. They make out, then Hiro accidentally teleports out of the apartment. (Chapter 33)

After work, Hiro heads home to change his clothes, and notices that everything is just the way he left it. Then he goes to Charlie's apartment. (Chapter 35)

Lynette drives a dejected Hiro home from work. In front of his home, Mr. Roiz gives Hiro a Viagra, which Hiro flushes down his toilet. (Chapter 38)

In the near past, Hiro from the near future sneaks into his own apartment and adds something to his to do list. (Chapter 47)


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