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Midland Motor Lodge

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Midland Motor Lodge
Location: Midland, TX
Purpose: Motel

When Hiro first time travels to April 24, 2006, he stays at the Midland Motor Lodge.

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Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

After time traveling to April 24, 2006, Hiro gets a room at the Midland Motor Lodge. He lies on the greasy flowered bedspread for hours, worrying about what to do. He gazes around the dingy room, with its cigarette burns on the rog, wood-paneled TV bolted to the table, and ugly paint-by-the-numbers lighthouse hanging on the wall. He decides to take stock of all the positive things he has, including the "really super motel room" he was staying in. He admits that the room isn't as nice as a luxury suite at the Hotel Okura, but it was better than ending up in a capsule hotel like the ones in Roppongi. He also notes that it is within easy walking distance of the Burnt Toast Diner. (Chapter 7)

Hiro lays on the gummy motel sheets in a cold sweat, unable to sleep, thinking about how to save Charlie. He tosses and turns for hours, then decides to check out the minibar. He scurries down the hall in just his underwear to get some ice for his Coke. In the morning, he sleeps in, then leaves the motel to go to the diner. There, he tells Lynette that he plans to stay at the motel for the next six months, but Charlie insists that he lease an apartment. (Chapter 8)

After time traveling backwards three weeks, Hiro stays in a motel. However, Hiro makes sure not to stay at the Midland Motor Lodge where he stayed back in April since he doesn't want to be recognized. (Chapter 35)

When Hiro believes he has time traveled to February 2006, he decides to wait at the Midland Motor Lodge until time catches up with him. His plans change when he learns it's actually February 1976. (Chapter 41)


  • At the motel, Hiro stayed in room 16. (Chapter 8)

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