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Charlie Andrews's apartment

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Charlie Andrews's apartment
Zapotec mask.png
Charlie has a mask similar to this one hanging above her mantle.
Location: Midland, TX
Purpose: Apartment

Charlie lives in an apartment decorated with a tchotchkes from around the world.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

Charlie leaves Hiro's apartment and says she doesn't need a ride because she doesn't live too far from Hiro. (Chapter 14)

Hiro goes to Charlie's apartment, only a few miles away from his. Hiro looks at all the vintage travel posters, books, and knickknacks from around the world. He is wary of the Zapotec shaman's mask hanging above the mantel. The two look through a photo album, talk about Burnt Toast Diner's opening days, and watch a movie. (Chapter 16)

Hiro freezes time and carries Charlie back to her apartment. Hiro gives her a reproduction of the Kensei and the Dragon story, which she proudly displays on her mantel, next to the Zapotec shaman mask. (Chapter 23)

At the park, Charlie mentions a chess set she has in her apartment. Hiro freezes time, runs to the apartment, and fetches the chess set. (Chapter 27)

Hiro transforms Charlie's apartment into a Japanese garden, complete with branches of white blossoms in tall vases, water lilies floating in great glass bowls, and glowing paper lanterns hanging over the table. Then Hiro and Charlie make sushi together. (Chapter 28)

Hiro and Charlie prepare for their trip to Japan by packing, cleaning, and retrieving luggage. They leave for the hospital after Charlie claims to be bitten by a spider. (Chapter 32)

Hiro walks to Charlie's apartment and waits for her outside. she greets him somewhat coldly, but still invites him hin to eat burritos. (Chapter 35)

In Charlie's home, Hiro notices that it doesn't appear he has altered the timeline. Hiro and Charlie talk and argue, and Charlie asks Hiro to leave, which he does reluctantly. (Chapter 36)

Hiro and Charlie play chess and then talk about Charlie's blood clot. Then Hiro accidentally teleports away. (Chapter 39)

Hiro walks three miles from the Burnt Toast Diner to Charlie's home. (Chapter 42)

Hiro watches Charlie outside her window and waits until she goes out. When she does, he goes in and reads about St. Nicasius's hemicapitation. He then involuntarily teleports away. (Chapter 43)

Hiro from the near future hides outside Charlie's apartment and listens to Charlie tell other-Hiro about her blood clot. (Chapter 47)

Hiro sits in Charlie's apartment and worries about his finances. (Chapter 48)

Hiro and Charlie spend their last night together at Charlie's apartment where they lose their virginity. The next morning, she makes breakfast, folds origami cranes, then leaves for her fateful Burnt Toast Diner encounter. (Chapter 54)

Hiro stays in Charlie's apartment, enjoying the smell of her perfume. Then he walks the three miles to the diner. (Chapter 55)



  • Hiro thinks her apartment smells like oranges and almonds. (Chapter 16)
  • Hiro thinks the living room looks like a Hollywood set from a 1940s movie about a world traveler. (Chapter 16)
  • Charlie has lots of items from various places in the world. Some of the places represented in her apartment are Jakarta, Indonesia; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Krakow, Poland; Morocco; Russia; Switzerland; Native America; and Oaxaca, Mexico. (Chapter 16)
  • Charlie's apartment has a stoop out front. (Chapter 35)

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