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Hope's money

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Hope's money
Hopes money montecito chips.jpg
Ando gathers the chips that spilled out of Hope's bag.

First mentioned: Run!
Owned by: Unknown
Current status: Put into evidence by the Primm Police

Hope convinces Ando to help her steal a bag full of poker chips.



Hope asks Hiro and Ando to retrieve her bag, but doesn't tell them the contents.


Hope and Ando arrive in Primm, NV, and stop at a parking lot. Trying to be helpful, Ando reaches in the back seat of the Nissan Versa to get Hope's bag, but Hope grabs it at the same time. They both pull, and a pile of casino chips pours out on the seat. Hope draws a gun, and Ando knows he is in trouble. Steve Gustavson arrives looking for the money. When Hope doesn't relent, a shootout erupts.



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