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Nathan's bribe money

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Nathan's bribe money
Nathans check.jpg
Nathan hands an envelope of money to Meredith.

First mentioned: Run!
Owned by: Meredith Gordon
Current status: held by Meredith Gordon

Faced with the prospect of having an out-of-wedlock child revealed just a couple of weeks before election day, Congressional candidate Nathan Petrelli pays his former girlfriend $100,000 to keep quiet.



Nathan receives a call from Meredith, who tells him she just had a visit from their daughter. She mentions that having an out-of-wedlock child revealed so close to the election would be bad for his campaign, and asks if there's anything he would like to do about it. He asks if $100,000 would be sufficient, and she agrees. He later visits her trailer in Kermit, TX, to deliver the money, though he doesn't meet his daughter, just as his mother advised.

When Meredith tells Claire about the money, she mentions that Nathan is only offering $50,000, and suggests they split that amount between the two of them.


  • The thinness of the envelope that Nathan delivered suggests that he delivered a cashier's check or other bank note instead of cash.

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