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Micah's tuition

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Micah's tuition
Hal Niki cheque.jpg
Jessica returns Hal's check for Micah's tuition.

First mentioned: Genesis
Current status: enrollment canceled; three payments overdue

Niki Sanders needs to pay her son Micah's tuition so that he can attend a private elementary school.


Niki borrowed $30,000 from Mr. Linderman so she could send her son Micah to a private school. It is not yet clear by what means she borrowed the money.


Niki used $25,000 of the money as a donation to the elementary school in order to ensure that Micah would be accepted. Niki meets with Micah's principal to talk about the tuition, and he informs her that the last 3 of her tuition checks have bounced, and he mentions that her donation was not only generous, but also non-refundable.

The $30,000 did not come without strings... Mr. Linderman sends his representatives to Niki's house to collect a payment on the money; with interest, the total is now $50,000, a sum Niki cannot repay.

Six Months Ago

Six months ago, Niki encountered her estranged father Hal Sanders. It is evident that Hal is wealthy; he gives a laptop to Micah as a gift to make up for lost time. When Micah disassembles the laptop, Hal cannot contain his rage. He quickly gives Niki a check "to make your life easier", and leaves. Later, Niki (as alter-ego Jessica) visits Hal at his hotel room, and forcefully returns the check.


When Jessica meets Linderman in the Corinthian Casino for the first time, he tells her she has come a long way since she borrowed $30,000 and "conveniently forgot to repay."


  • Hal gives the gift money to Niki, but Jessica is the one who confronts Hal (and returns the check by stuffing it in his mouth) during Six Months Ago. It is also made clear that Niki is not aware of Jessica until six months later in Better Halves. As a result, it is not clear how Niki becomes aware that she no longer has the money.

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