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While waiting for Heroes to return from its 2007 break, Heroes Wiki would like to hold another logo contest. We're always exploring new ideas and changes to layouts so it's time to see what kinds of logo suggestions everyone has. In addition to the main site logo, we're also interested in smaller button sized logos that other sites can use when linking to us as well as wider banner logos that can be used for advertising Heroes Wiki. Place all logos on this page for consideration. Once we have a number of submissions we'll begin discussing them and determining which one looks the best.


Suggested features for the logo include:


  • The main logo should be about 160×160.
  • Button logos should be 100×35. The button logo may be animated.
  • Banner logos should be 728×90 and should also have "" displayed on it. (Be careful not to use "www" in the URL.) This logo may also be animated.
  • Favicons should be 16×16.

If you submit an animated logo, please also identify it as such since animations do not run in a gallery.