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Magdalena Muller

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Magdalena Muller
First appearance Faction Zero
Debut September 1, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability Self duplication
Nickname Mags
Age 27
Home Key Largo, FL

Magdalena Muller is a cloner who is kidnapped by "Wildman".


Magdalena has a relaxed and adventurous nature. She enrolled in college for a degree in marine archeology. Wanting to be independent from her parents, she took on several jobs in order to pay for college. She became stressed under all her work and pressure, and broke down crying. She was astonished when hands reached out to comfort her, even more astonished to discover they belonged to another her.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Faction Zero

In chapter 3 of Faction Zero, Magdalena shows up at the the Bennets' home looking for Claire. She tells Claire and Sandra that her main body was kidnapped, and she was forced to come to Claire, looking for information on Sabine Hazel. Claire recognizes the name as the one Mensen said, and when she says this, Mr. Muggles, bolts out the doggie door. As Sandra moves to go after him, Wildman walks through the door.

Magdalena exclaims that he is the one who kidnapped her, and he brings in some dogs to intimidate them. He demands to know where Sabine is, and when Claire refuses to tell, he summons more animals to attack. Magdalena creates 2 clones of herself to help fight them off, and one of the clones knocks Wildman down, stunning the animals momentarily. He throws her off, and has all the animals corner the clones and Sandra, while he grabs Claire by the throat and says if she does not tell him where Sabine is, they will die. Before he can carry out his threat, Rachel, Hiro, and Ando teleport into the room and free everyone, but Wildman escapes.

Rachel, Hiro, Ando, and Magdalena then travel to Florida to rescue Magdalena's main body. After they do, the clone Magdalena and the main one merge back together, and thank the others for their help.

Evolved Human Abilities

Magdalena Muller has the ability of self duplication.


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