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Trevor Tanaka

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Trevor Tanaka
Trevor Tanaka.jpg
First appearance Faction Zero
Debut September 15, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced memory
Formal name Unknown
Alias Trevor Tanaka
Michael Morikawa
Kurt Kurahara
Tom Tachibana
Ivan Inouye
Sam Suzuki
Nickname mrmichaelt
Age 24
Date of birth 1985
Home Los Angeles, CA
Occupations Librarian, College Professor, and Banker

"Trevor Tanaka" comes to Costa Verde looking for someone.


Before 2003, traces of the man currently going by "Trevor Tanaka" do not exist. He was under extensive surveillance by the Company for many years, and is believed to be a former black ops field agent. When a move was made to bag and tag him, agents only found his girlfriend. The Haitian was brought in to erase her memory, but a neurological defect caused her to die from the experience.

After this Trevor became more violent and unpredictable, killing an agent of the Company by snapping his neck. He took the agent's cell phone, and used it to find out all he could about the Company. After this incident, Company agents were ordered to apprehend on him sight, and take him to Level 5.

When Building 26 agents came around, he was contacted by Ellen to assist in helping fugitives. He rescued Magdalena Muller from a Building 26 team during this time. After the defeat of Building 26, he began hunting down Thompson, Jr., who had killed two members of a group with which he was associated, as well as one the agents who had been present when his girlfriend had been killed.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Faction Zero

In chapter 5 of Faction Zero, Trevor and Callum are at Sam's Comics waiting for Claire Bennet and Rachel Mills. Trevor says he is working in the area, and decides to check in on Claire's operation, as their two missions may overlap. However, he then spots the person for whom he is looking, and runs out of the store.

Later, he arrives at the house where Alex, Claire, Rachel, and Callum are looking for Sabine Hazel and her baby. Outside the home, Trevor knocks Callum unconscious. He explains that Callum is an illusionist, and that he wanted Trevor out of the way earlier. They realize that what they saw in the house must have been an illusion, and as Trevor bends down to check Callum's pulse, his body disappears.

Evolved Human Abilities

Trevor has the ability to remember, perfectly, everything he sees, reads, or learns. Trevor's Heroes: Survival biography explains his power: "Upon neurological contact point, ocular transference quickly absorbs and accurately retains great amounts of information, and serves as a virtually unlimited potential for information storage."

The evolutionary anomaly class of Trevor's ability is cerebral, and his control index is 88%.



  • When Trevor attended New York University in 2001, his nickname was mrmichaelt.
  • Trevor was trailed by Company agents Lukas Bahn and Julia Ryan in the first half of 2006 to verify he possessed an ability.
  • He has spent time in China and watched Hiro give his father's eulogy in Tokyo.

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