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Alethea Thorn

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Alethea Thorn
First appearance Faction Zero
Debut August 28, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability Belief induction
Nickname Belief
Age 22
Home Las Vegas, NV

Alethea "Belief" Thorn is pursued by Agent Penn.


Alethea gave in to the temptation to manipulate others when her ability manifested. After starting with small things, like solving relationship and work issues, she eventually turned to a life of crime. She believes that with her ability, she can get away with anything.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Faction Zero

In chapter 2 of Faction Zero, Alethea arrives at Sam's Comics looking for Claire Bennet. She tells Vic, using her ability, that it is a matter of life and death that she finds Claire. He panics, and turns and shouts for Claire. Suspicious, Claire tells Hiro and Ando to hide, while Alethea tells Vic he is not feeling well and should leave. She then tells Claire to give her car and house keys to her, causing Claire to rush to get them, but Hiro and Ando come out and cover their ears, cornering Alethea and snapping Claire out of it.

She then explains to them that a former Building 26 agent is after her, and that she needs help. Claire agrees, and sends Hiro and Ando outside to hide and keep watch. Alethea tells Claire that she should join her group, when Claire receives a text message from Ando saying they have spotted a Building 26 agent, but she texts back that is Rachel, and she is with them, when Agent Penn bursts through the back door. Claire quickly texts Ando to get Rachel and that the agent is their. Alethea attempts to use her ability, but Penn is wearing earplugs to counteract it. Claire jumps out of hiding, and Penn aims his gun at her, telling her to leave now or die, when Rachel teleports in with Hiro and Ando.

Penn is stunned to discover Rachel has an ability, and she asks him why he is hunting Alethea, as he was never one of the bigots. He removes his earplugs, saying if Alethea tries anything he will kill someone. She steps out of hiding, and apologies to Penn for what she made him do, and he is taken aback that she would do that. He calms down, and decides to forgive her. Alethea and Penn then leave, going their separate ways.

Evolved Human Abilities

Alethea has the ability of "belief induction", which gives her the power to manipulate people to get what she wants. She demonstrated this ability by telling Vic that it was a matter of life and death that she find Claire Bennet, causing him to panic, and by telling him to leave, making him do so. She also tells Claire to hand over her house and car keys, but is snapped out of it by Hiro and Ando. Her ability does not work if someone covers their ears, or if they are wearing earplugs.


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