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First appearance Faction Zero
Debut September 15, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability Illusion
Occupation Works at Sullivan Bros. Carnival

Callum arrives in Costa Verde to help Claire.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Faction Zero

In chapter 5 of Faction Zero, Callum and Trevor Tanaka wait for Claire and Rachel Mills in Sam's Comics. He says he is there to help hunt down Thompson Jr., who is an old enemy of his. Trevor sees the person he came to find outside, and leaves. Callum then accompanies Alex, Claire, and Rachel to a house where Sabine Hazel and her baby might be being kept.

When they arrive, Callum gets off his cell phone, saying his group will be there in a few hours. Rachel does not want to wait, and they teleport into the attic. The group lands on a pad, with a sign saying if they step off, the house will explode. After a short argument, they teleport out without the house exploding. Trevor then arrives, and knocks out Callum, saying he is an illusionist, and he had wanted to get him out of the way earlier. The others realize the inside of the house must have been an illusion, and when Trevor bends down to check Callum's pulse, he disappears.

Rachel later sees Callum in a group of people at a carnival surrounding a women and baby.

Heroes: Survival

Callum was mentioned in an event message sent to participants on October 3, 2009. In the message, Callum is claiming to be on the run from a faction that was trying to capture him. The sender of the message believes he is hiding something.

Callum was mentioned in an event message sent to participants on October 9, 2009. In the message, Callum proposes to another evolved human that they team up and locate others with powers. Callum believes that it would benefit everybody.

Evolved Human Abilities

Callum has the power of illusion. He is able to alter how people perceived reality around him. He created a version of himself that could interact with others, and a detailed attic that fooled Claire and Rachel.

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