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Maria (Mauricio's mother)

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Book A Matter of Trust
In-story stats
Known ability None
Place of birth Mexico
Significant other Mr. Chavez
Children Mauricio Chavez,
Paco Chavez

Maria is Mauricio Chavez's devoutly religious mother.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

A Matter of Trust

Many years ago, Maria sits with her family in the back seat of a pickup truck, illegally traveling to the United States. As they leave Mexico, Maria prays loudly for protection. Paco, her son, tells her to give it a rest, worried that she is distracting Mauricio from driving. Maria's husband admonishes Paco from talking to his mother that way. Just as they cross the border, some border cops chase the family. Mauricio slows down the car, and Maria tumbles out of the car with the rest of her family, hiding behind a saw-tooth rock formation. Mauricio crashes the car, and thinks of his mother's favorite prayer.

Later, when Mauricio turns into a cloud, he decides not to let his family see him, partly because his mother would drop to her knees and pray if she heard "a voice from a cloud". When Mauricio sees later that his family is safely heading in the right direction, he theorizes that his mother had figured out from the stars which direction to walk.

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