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Mist mimicry

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Mist mimicry
Smoke monster.jpg
Held by: Mauricio Chavez (deceased)
Ability to: Mimic mist and control one's body while in a smoky state

Mist mimicry is the ability to transform one's body into a smoky, misty substance.



Mauricio Chavez

Mauricio Chavez is able to change his body into a gaseous state resembling a white smoke, mist, or fog. In this state, he can control his movement, although it is not clear whether he would be able to move against a strong wind. While his gaseous form typically holds a shape resembling his normal body, he is not restricted to his human shape and can alter his shape to fit through small spaces. In gaseous form, he can presumably fit through any opening that is not air-tight. Similarly, he will not sustain any harm from physical attacks like punches or bullets; such attacks will pass harmlessly through his non-solid body. It is not known what would happen if he were exposed to fire or harmful gases while transformed.

Mauricio's gaseous form makes no sound when moving, and he may not even be able to speak or make noise in his smoke form. His mist form is also semi-translucent, making him more difficult to see in that state.

Mauricio's ability can be extended. When he changes to a gaseous state, his clothes transform with him. He can also transform at least one other person that he is touching when he assumes a gaseous state. The maximum amount of material he can transform is not yet known.

Mauricio's transformation is not instantaneous. It takes a couple of seconds for him to complete the transition to a gaseous state. Until the transformation is complete, he is still vulnerable to physical attack, and if his concentration is broken, the transformation will stop and he will resume his solid form.

When helping fight a Harris clone, Mauricio surrounded him in mist which caused the clone to choke. While the clone was choking, a single punch from the enhanced El Vengador suit was enough to destroy him. Whether or not this shattering was due to the nature of Mauricio's power or the nature of the clone is unknown. (Send in the Clones)


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