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Mauricio Chavez

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Mauricio Chavez
Los Angeles priest.jpg
Portrayed by Carlos LaCamara
First appearance Odessa
In-story stats
Known ability Mist mimicry
Nickname Dusty
Age 50
Date of death 2015
Home Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Priest
Parents Mr. Chavez,
Sibling Paco Chavez

Father Mauricio Chavez aided Oscar Gutierrez with El Vengador's underground railroad until Oscar's death. Afterwards, Father Mauricio works with Carlos Gutierrez, giving him advice and comfort.

Character History


After Oscar's funeral, Father Mauricio goes to Gutierrez and Sons to tell Jose to return to his apartment and to speak to Carlos. Mauricio tells Carlos that he knew about the rift between him and Oscar, but that Oscar loved him nonetheless. Mauricio invites Carlos to come talk to him at St. Francis, but Carlos insists that he is doing fine and walks away. Carlos later changes his mind and visits Mauricio at the church, asking him about what his late brother was involved in. Mauricio tells Carlos about the existence of El Vengador's underground railroad, and asks if he can use it to send two evos through to Canada. When Carlos asks Mauricio why he cares about evos so much, Mauricio shows him his ability, turning into smoke and flying through the grille of the confessional. That night, Mauricio accompanies Sylvia and Damon to the underground railroad and tells them where they will need to go from there.

Under the Mask

Mauricio follows Carlos to the building where Dearing is interrogating Fiona and waits outside. When Carlos is discovered and runs away, Mauricio grabs him and extends his ability, turning them both into smoke that their pursuers then run through. Mauricio and Carlos then reform behind a large crate, and Carlos angrily tells Mauricio to never do that to him again. Mauricio berates Carlos for following a path of vengeance, but Carlos's mind is set. Mauricio reminds Carlos that he's just trying to help him, but Carlos tells him to find another soul to save. Later, when Fiona and the other evo fugitives hide away in a building, Fiona tells the others that she has called Mauricio to help them escape.

The Needs of the Many

Mauricio enters the basement of Gutierrez and Sons and finds Carlos wearing a new and improved version of the El Vengador costume. After Carlos demonstrates its strength by punching through a punching bag, Mauricio tells him that he will be impressed if Carlos finds a man fit to wear the costume first. When Mauricio asks him why he's wearing the suit, Carlos replies that it is because he wants to believe in something bigger than himself. Mauricio warns Carlos that Captain Dearing will be onto them soon. Later, when Mauricio returns to Gutierrez and Sons in his car, he is approached by Jose, who tells him that he has discovered his father's secret basement. Jose then shows Mauricio the secret he was afraid to share with his father; his power of phasing. The two are joined by Dearing, who gloats that he has found them. Mauricio tells Jose to run, and begins to turn into smoke, but his transformation is interrupted when Dearing tases him.

The Lion's Den

After realizing that Mauricio's car was in Gutierrez and Sons, but was nowhere to be found, Carlos Gutierrez goes to Lowdell Station and demands that Captain James Dearing takes him to Mauricio and Jose.

Game Over

Carlos tells Dearing that he will rescue Father Mauricio from Sunstone Manor.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

While fighting off guards inside Sunstone Manor, Carlos is greeted by Mauricio, who claims that he has "seen the other side". When Carlos tries to get Mauricio to leave with him, he declines because he believes that he has everything he wants right there.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 3

At St. Francis, Father Mauricio gives a sermon to a congregation that includes Elena and Jose Gutierrez. Oscar arrives late, which Elena encourages him to apologize to Mauricio for. While talking with Mauricio, Oscar tells him that he has something to tell him in private, so he invites Mauricio to meet him at Gutierrez and Sons later. When Mauricio arrives at the autoshop, Oscar leads him down into the basement and shows him the crowd of evo refugees he had rescued from El Diablo. Mauricio also sees the El Vengador costume and realizes that Oscar is the vigilante of East Los Angeles. Remembering that El Vengador is said to have extraordinary strength, he asks Oscar if he is an evo. Before Oscar can answer, Mauricio shows him his own ability. Mauricio agrees to help Oscar and the refugees in any way he can.

That night, Mauricio returns to the autoshop with numerous fake passports and a van ready to take the refugees out of the city. Before they can however, a trafficker and his buddies bang on the shop door and demand Oscar to open up. Mauricio extends his ability to most of the evos present to turn them into mist before the traffickers find them. After the traffickers leave, Mauricio and the evos reform and head into a tunnel underneath Gutierrez and Sons. Mauricio suggests that Oscar use the tunnel to smuggle the evos to safety. Oscar agrees and opens the tunnel while Mauricio leaves to meet him on the other side. Mauricio waits in a van for them to emerge from the other side of the tunnel.

Later, Oscar talks to Mauricio in the confessional booth of St. Francis. He tells him that nobody found the girls, so the underground railroad idea was a success. Mauricio tells him that he has set up a network of devoted believers he can trust to help their cause.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 4

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Send in the Clones

At Sunstone Manor, Carlos and Farah break The Director's control over the residents and break down the door to the room where they are being held. Carlos asks for information on where Micah Sanders is being held and finally Father Mauricio stands up and tells him Micah is in the isolation unit. Father Mauricio is surprised but pleased to see Carlos and embraces him. As Carlos and Farah go after Jose and Micah, Father Mauricio starts helping to organize the residents against the army of Harris clones.

As Carlos faces off against a Harris clone in the isolation unit, Father Mauricio grabs the clone from behind in mist form and suffocates him, allowing a grateful Carlos to shatter the clone. As Carlos thanks Father Mauricio, he notices an armed guard entering the room and warns Carlos, but too late. The guard shoots Father Mauricio before Carlos is able to take him down. Father Mauricio tells Carlos that its okay before dying of his injuries. Carlos later hides his body so that Jose doesn't have to see it.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 5

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Heroes Evolutions

A Matter of Trust

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Evolved Human Abilities

Father Mauricio has the ability to turn his entire body into a gas resembling mist. He has demonstrated the ability to move his body through boundaries such as a grille in a confessional of St. Francis. Father Mauricio has also shown that he can extend his ability and turn another person into smoke. However, it appears that Father Mauricio's use of this ability can be disabled, at least temporarily, by exposure to electricity, like when he was tasered in the middle of transforming into smoke and was subsequently forced back into his solid human form. (The Needs of the Many) Father Mauricio is capable of using his ability offensively as seen when he grabs a Harris clone over the mouth from behind in mist form and is able to suffocate him while the clone is unable to stop him. He is also not invulnerable as in his regular form, he was able to be shot and killed. (Send in the Clones)

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